Holiday Lights

Christmas is one of the few times of year we can go overboard without fear of being judged. One area where this excess is most in evidence is with our lighting.

As well as looking forward to grandiose public displays, we also get an opportunity to dress our homes from the tip of the chimney to the end of our lawns in thousands of twinkling lights.

But is there such a thing as too much lighting? And when is the right time to put your lighting up? And when should you take it down again?

We have prepared a short list of holiday light etiquette tips to help you avoid making any xmas-related faux pas' this festive season.

According to tradition, the day after Thanksgiving (also known as Black Friday and "Blow Your Paycheck Day") is the earliest you can put up holiday lights without receiving criticism. When it comes to taking them down again, anytime after New Year's Day and before January 6th (the last of the 12 days of Christmas) is considered acceptable.

Be considerate to your neighbours. Make sure your lights aren't too bright and that they don't shine through bedroom windows. Talk to your neighbours to find out if they are being disturbed.

Be considerate to the environment. Instead of leaving your lights on all night, save energy by putting them on a timer. Also, instead of traditional holiday lights, change to low energy LED Lights. They are cheaper to run and, as they use less energy, much better for the environment. Just make sure you dispose of your old lights responsibly.

And, of course, if it's your neighbours who are guilty of poor holiday lighting etiquette, approach with caution. You don't want to come across as a Scrooge, but if their lights are keeping you from sleep, its alright to say something. Be polite and offer a compromise.

There you have it. If you have any further tips, let us know. Call 0116 321 4120 or email