Integrated LED DownlightsYou can always use GU10 LED light bulbs, as they’ll retrofit perfectly into your existing downlight fittings, but why not replace the whole unit for a fully integrated LED downlight?

After reading these 5 compelling reasons, you’ll know it makes sense!

1. Fully-Integrated LED Downlights Are Brighter

Existing light fittings with retrofitted GU10 LED bulbs will always be limited with regard to the brightness and intensity of their light, because the GU10 LEDs you’ll require are available only as high as 80W replacements.

This is mainly due to the limited size and capacity of their heat sink which, while necessary to dissipate any heat and ensure the bulb’s longevity, also take up valuable space inside the fitting.

The heat sink, usually one of LED bulbs’ great advantages over halogen bulbs, limits them in this one type of lighting application.

Integrated LED downlights don’t suffer from this issue, as there’s no limit to the size of the heat sink. Thus, you can replace your existing, wasteful halogen units with any size and brightness of light you like.

Indeed, there are many choices, from the 3W Fitted LED Downlight, producing 260 lumens of brightness. This is actually less than 10% of the power that a halogen bulb would require, and will save you a considerable amount of money on your fuel bills.

The same can be said for the 18W Fitted LED Downlight which generates a full 1500 lumens, yet also requires just a fraction of the power of an equivalently bright halogen downlight.

2. They’re Also More Reliable

A GU10 LED bulb retrofitted into an existing downlight, with the possibility of poor ventilation, always runs the risk of overheating and premature failure.

Integrated LED downlights have a much better thermal management system; they run at a cooler temperature and are less likely to overheat. The massively extended 50,000 hour life-expectancy and performance of the unit is therefore greatly improved, meaning that once you’ve installed your fully-integrated LED downlight, you’ll be able to rely on its illumination for just over 17 years!

3. They Have A Wider Spread Of Light

Compared to retrofitted LED lamps, integrated LED downlights offer a much wider spread of light, resulting in fewer hot spots and a more even light distribution. This also means you’ll require fewer units to illuminate your room, thus incurring a reduced initial investment.

4. They’re Equipped With A Tilt Capability

Our range of standard LED downlights have a 20° tilt capability, which ensures an optimum light placement by maximising the LEDs’ beam angle.

5. Now There’s A Much Greater Choice

In several superb ranges, you’ll be able to choose between our Standard, Frosted, High Power, White and Cree Fire-Rated  LED downlights to choose from, giving you more options than ever before.

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