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Amazing And Unique LED Mushroom Lights From Yukio Takano

LED Mushroom LightsExclusive. Ingenious. Different. Japanese designer Yukio Takano’s LED Mushroom lights aren’t your average table lamps.

Upon first glance, it’d be easy to mistake these for the real thing – such is the aesthetics of these lamps. They’re made by incorporating LED lights in small, mushroom-shaped pieces of glass.

These structures are then mounted on reclaimed wood and bark, for a real authentic look.

Blue LED Mushroom LightsThe only thing, if anything, that makes it obvious this has been fabricated by man, is the conspicuous, retro on/off switch on each lamp.

A battery pack hidden away underneath the wood powers the LEDs – so everything comes in one stunning unit that effortlessly combines LED technology with the beauty of nature.

White LED Mushroom LightsThe lamps come packaged in gorgeous, aged wooden boxes – adding to the bespoke feel of each product. Bear in mind that each lamp is individually crafted, and is one of a kind.

Orange LED Mushroom LightsTakano – the man behind the lights – seems to have something of an obsession with mushrooms. His website is called The Great Mushrooming – where he has a collection of other mushroom-inspired designs, mushroom photography and a mushroom blog!

What do you think of these unique products? Would you ditch your old table lamp in favour of a mushroom-inspired LED light? Let us know in the comments below – or write on our Facebook wall! You can tweet us too @WLEDLightsUK using the hashtag #WLEDAware.

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