'LEDscape' Is A Labyrinth Of LED LightsBeautiful, original and artistic. These are just 3 ways of describing LIKE Architects ‘LEDscape’ – an art installation to promote IKEA’s LEDARE bulb.

The Portuguese architecture and design studio used 1,200 LED lights at the Belém Cultural Centre in Lisbon.

It’s designed to be more than just a work of art though – LEDscape is an interactive experience that encourages visitors to wander through the labyrinth of LED lights in order to better acquaint themselves with the technology.

According to its creators, LEDscape “aims to introduce the everyday user to the LEDARE light bulb, thus demystifying the preconceived ideas about LED technology and emphasising the relevance of this product in the sustainability of the future.”

LIKEarchitect's 'LEDscape' Is A Labyrinth Of LED LightsThe LED lights are mounted on stalks and affixed to 1,200 HEMMA floor bases of varying height. Each light is programmed to shine with a different oscillating intensity – creating a rhythmic and pulsating pattern of light at night.

It ended up becoming so popular that the initial run of a few weeks was extended through the 2012 holiday season from November through to December, with more than 80,000 visitors getting to experience the stunning installation.

Check out the video below to see how this striking art installation was made.