Pocket LightLights certainly don’t come any smaller or more compact than this. It’s the aptly-named Pocket Light, and it could make lost keys and scrabbling around for change things of the past.

The brainchild of Harc Lee who originally hails from South Korea, this innovative little LED light is completely flat when inactive and measures just 86mm by 53mm, making it sufficiently diminutive to fit in your wallet or your purse.

Lee’s design aesthetic, which combines both inventiveness and pragmatism, seems to perfectly espouse the statement of Native Design Ltd, the London-based company he’s a part of.

The company states, “This means being able to see further over the horizon than others and creating things that are going to matter. Together we invent the user experience of tomorrow.”

Pocket LED Light Concept

The fact that Lee chose to utilise a tiny yet brilliant battery-powered LED light for his creation is telling, especially given Native Design’s words. LED light is set to completely overtake traditional sources of illumination, and is rapidly becoming the number one as prices continue to tumble and quality increases exponentially.

No figures have yet been released about the lifespan of the LED light itself, however, if this tiny bulb is anything like the vast majority of LEDs, it will have an incredibly long life-expectancy and probably outlast many of the lithium ion batteries that power it!

Pocket LED Light Lighting On A Desk

Whatever the future holds, you can be certain that Harc Lee’s amazing designs and LED light are both going to ensure it’s clearly lit!

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