7 Lighting Accessories For Your BikeAs a cyclist, staying safe around busy roads just has to be your number one priority, and even more so when it’s dark.

Here are the Super-Seven LED lighting accessories that will keep you safe when you’re cycling at night.

1. Revolights

Revolights are a fresh, new innovation in bike lighting that will ensure maximum safety. The two fluid arcs of light are formed by LEDs that are programmed to detect speed and illuminate when installed on the front or the back wheel of the bike.

2. Glo-Bar

Designed by Mitchell Silva, the Glo-Bar works by incorporating low energy LED lights into the handlebars of the bike.

It’s a very simple idea, consisting of low-energy lights placed along the handlebars to illuminate the road and improve a cyclist’s visibility to oncoming traffic. The rider is also able to use the LEDs as turn signals, simply by pressing buttons that are situated on the appropriate sides. Requiring very little energy to power it, this set of brightly-lit handlebars will make night time cycling a much safer experience.

1. Revolights, 2. Glo-Bar, 3. Lumigrids

3. Lumigrids 

This is a small LED device that fits onto the handlebars and projects a square grid onto the ground in front of the cyclist. The grid lines help the cyclist to spot obstacles and imperfections in the surface of the road, such as potholes and curbs.

The team responsible for Lumigrids state that the design improves upon traditional bicycle lamps, which cast shadows around both concave and convex obstacles, making it difficult to judge the surface more effectively.

It has three different settings, giving a choice of grid sizes for different circumstances. The normal mode displays a 140 x 180-mm grid, the high speed mode increases the area to 140 x 260 mm, and the “team” mode widens the grid to 300 x 200 mm.

4. LumaHelm, 5. Down Low Glow

4. LumaHelm

It’s a cycling helmet that lights up! As you’ll see from the short video, the LumaHelm is just a normal cycling helmet fitted with colour changing LED strip lights and an accelerometer that’s able to figure out which way the rider wishes to turn, simply from the manner in which they incline their head.

5. Down Low Glow 

The Down Low Glow from Rock the Bike is essentially a pair of tubular LED lights that attach to your bike frame. As well as making you more visible from the side at night, they also make your bike look incredible!

6. The Turn Signal Biking Jacket, 7. LED Bike Light

6. The Turn Signal Biking Jacket

Designed by Leah Buechley, an Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), the Turn Signal Biking Jacket incorporates low-energy LED lights that are sewn into the fabric of the jacket and operated via sleeve-mounted buttons.

In no way precious about her innovative design, Professor Buechley has kindly created a schematic to illustrate her concept!

Turn Signal Biking Jacket Designed By Leah Buechley

7. LED Bike Light

Plain old bike lights have finally entered the 21st Century, becoming LED bike lights. Bright and long-lasting, they now incorporate low-power, energy-efficient LEDs and, for simplicity and functionality, they just cannot be beaten!

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