Under Cabinet LightingTo all keen DIY-ers out there - if you're searching for a new project, but you’re not sure about which to choose, why not consider installing some great looking under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen?

If you already have under-cabinet lighting, this could mean switching out your old halogen or fluorescent lights, in favour of some energy-efficient, long-lasting LED lights.

Below you will find some of the excellent options we have for under-cabinet lighting, available here at Wholesale LED Lights.

LED Strip Lighting

First up are our ever-popular, incredibly versatile LED strips. Available in a huge number of varieties, LED strip lights will allow you to illuminate just about any space, and you’ll be able to achieve some stunning effects, depending upon which type you choose.

There’s the Single Colour which comes in both a 12V and 24V option and in a variety of individual colours to include red, green and blue as well as warm and cool white colour temperatures.

It’s absolutely ideal for general lighting applications such as under-cabinet lighting and, like all of our LED tape, you’ll be able to cut it, very simply and conveniently to length, to suit the dimensions of your installation.

Dual Colour 12V LED Strips are controlled with an appropriate Remote, to sequence between the warm and cool white colour temperatures, throughout the full 3000K to 6000K range.

Like the single colour LED strips, the RGB Tape comes in both 12V and 24V types, with the added ability to create a number of colours by combining red, green and blue light. With the aid of an RGB Colour Touch Controller’s colour wheel, you’ll be able to achieve an almost limitless number of colours, including a massive range of tertiary colours and 9 different effects.

RGBW LED Strip Lights will emulate the RGB varieties, only with an additional white component, which will allow you to create even more colours in pastel shades when you employ the services of the dedicated RGBW LED Strip Controller.

Finally, and for those wishing to create a truly spectacular under-cabinet lighting display, there’s the RGB LED Pixel Tape. Use the 16 Key Pixel Tape Controller to generate a whole full spectrum of colour in your kitchen, or for any location in your home.

All these types of LED strip light come complete with 3M self-adhesive backing tape, however, in order to accomplish a truly professional looking installation, we recommend you use an aluminium LED Profile, with optional clear or frosted diffuser. They don’t only look great, but they also help to ensure the 50,000 hour life-expectancy of the LEDs.

Another great thing about strip lights is that they can also be used under your plinths and above your cabinets to create a floating halo effect. 

T5 & T8 LED Tubes

Should you be looking for a slightly more traditional under-cabinet lighting solution, you could try one of our T5 LED Tube Lights. These come as a complete fitting with built-in LED Driver, so you don't need to worry about having to purchase one separately.

T5 LED Tubes are designed to be direct replacements for the established fluorescent T5 tubes, although, unlike them, they don't flicker and generate far less heat. Because the LED Driver is built-in, all you’ll require is a 240V AC power supply.

They’re available in 2-foot (600mm), 3-foot (900mm), 4-foot (1200mm) and 5-foot (1500mm) lengths, so there really shouldn’t be a cabinet too large or too small to accommodate them.

The ‘T’ stands for ‘Tubular’ and the 5 denotes the tube’s width, which is 5/8ths of an inch.  Slightly chunkier are the T8s, which are 1 inch thick and available in an additional 6-foot (1800mm) length.

LED Light Bars

Similar to our LED strips, LED Light Bars are a more user-friendly lighting option that work on a simple plug-and-play system. Each 50cm light bar has a male and female connector which means they can be adjoined end-to-end to create greater lengths of light. The units are completely sealed and are powered via a 12V DC power adapter or LED Driver.

As with all the under-cabinet LED light sources mentioned here, LED light bars are considerably more energy-efficient than the fluorescent bulbs they’re designed to replace.  Indeed, both types that we have on offer require at least five times less electricity to power them than an equivalently bright fluorescent light.

This means that when you replace any of your existing under-cabinet lighting with energy-efficient, long-lasting LEDs, you’ll begin saving money on your electricity bill pretty much straight away.

If you’d like to find out more about under-cabinet LED lighting, or you’d like to enquire about LED lighting in general, please don’t hesitate to give us a ring on 0116 321 4120 or send an e-mail to cs@wled.co.uk today!