LED Downlights

It’s not a good party unless it goes on well into the night. Night time of course brings darkness, so you’ll need to stay somewhat lit up.

Really, LEDs should be your only option for creating the best atmosphere – and we’re going to look at why that is.

Why Use LEDs?

LEDs allow you to display a variety of colours from a single item – you don’t need to use filters like you would with halogen lights. These can be operated through all sorts of different types of controllers.

This already ensures a far higher degree of freedom – colours mean all sorts of different effects – but that’s only one of the advantages that LEDs have.

They use much lower amounts of energy – up to 90% less than incandescents! This means you can have loads of LEDs going for the same amount of power that your single halogen would have used on its own. This is better for your electricity bills and for the environment.

Lower energy consumption means hardly any wear and tear too. This gives LEDs really long lifespans – most of them will keep going for up to 50,000 hours. You’ll spend less on replacements, so you can use your lights for many parties to come.

Any time you have lots of people in one area, safety is always a concern. You don’t need to worry with LEDs though, as they run on low voltage 12V or 24V.

They also have no dangerous substances in them – fluorescent lights though have mercury in them, which is hugely detrimental to your health, and to wider natural ecosystems.

The Basics

LED spotlights are probably the most basic products you’ll need. These will fit into a downlight that slots into your ceiling, providing the backbone for that party mood.

These are essentially permanent fixtures, making the scope offered by our 3W GU10 RGB LED bulb so ideal.

The multiple colours allow you to use it in the same way as any other ceiling light, but start throwing red, green, blue and all sorts of other shades into the mix, and you’ll have a spotlight that gets you off on the right foot.

As mentioned before, safety is always a concern too. That’s why our Fire Rated Fixed Chrome GU10 Downlight provides the best housing for your choice of spotlight.

It provides fire protection that lasts up to 90 minutes, and the chrome finish gives it a brilliant sheen, perfect for any party.


Take It To The Next Level

For really creative lighting, RGB LED strip lights are pretty much unmatched by anything else on the market.

The commercial grade 3M adhesive allows you to stick it to any surface whether it’s flat or not – use it round corners, up walls, onto ceilings or even behind objects to create a glow effect.

You can even use them underwater and outside in the garden – just make sure you pick an IP65 rating at a minimum so that it can withstand light jets of water.

Underwater use requires IP68 rating.

The easiest way of getting on board with LED strip lights is by using one of our RGB strip light kits. We have a range of RGB tape kits that vary in length – 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m and 5m.

Stepping Outside

One of the best things about summer parties is being able to chill outside. LED decking lights provide one of the best ways to illuminate your garden decking.

The colours once again come into play here. The choices give you options for the kind of mood you want to create – white or blue makes a cool, contemporary look. Or you could go brighter and add a bit of unique flavour to your outdoors.

40mm sized decking lights are the best option for the garden. The smaller 15mm sized lights are better suited indoors.

RGB LED floodlights provide a brighter end product when compared to the decking lights. They do work really well together though.

For example, a white floodlight would look great with blue or green decking lights. This is one of the things we love about RGB light – you get so much out of simply experimenting!

When using a combination of different LED light products, you can get some really cool and funky effects. Experimenting with these is a sure fire way to bring a new dimension to your parties!