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Here Are 5 LED Lights That Will Transform Your Bedroom!

When thinking about refurbishing your bedroom, the lighting would be one of the main aspects to consider. The bedroom is a space where people choose to relax and therefore the correct lighting will be needed to create the right mood.Bedroom Interior Decor

The fact that the bedroom is a very personal space means it should be decorated to the point where it has your stamp and personality on it and lighting is a big part of that. Our blog will give you the reassurance that you need when it comes to purchasing a specific light to suit your preferences.

Whether you’re feeling a cosy environment with warm white bulbs, a minimal and modern environment with cool white bulbs or a range of colours with RGB colour, Wholesale LED Lights will have all of the products available for you to make your bedroom as homely as possible.Modern Bedroom

LED Light Bulbs

The fact that LED light bulbs are simple, effective and can change the whole look of a bedroom makes them brilliant for a revamp! With the option of cool white and warm white colour temperatures, the bulbs will fit in perfectly with any bedroom décor.

90% of the energy that is used in LEDs is converted into light; only 10% is wasted in the form of heat. In comparison, incandescent light bulbs lose up to 80% on heat energy therefore only 20% is used for light production. This proves that LEDs save a lot more energy in comparison to other types of bulbs, such as incandescent lights. Considering the fact that LED Light Bulbs are a fundamental type of lighting, there’s no easier option that you could bring to your bedroom!Vintage LED Bulb

LED Strip Lights

If you’re searching for an exciting source of illumination, LED Strip Lights may be great for a younger person’s bedroom. The fact that the RGB Strips are able to change many different colours allows the bedroom to have a fun and upbeat environment and their flexibility allows them to be place anywhere within the room.

The Strip Lights would also look great in normal bedrooms as the single colour strip lights are amazing for mood lighting. All of LED Strip Lights are able to be cut, the lengths depend on the type of LED tape you have: 30 LEDs per metre can be cut every 10cm, 60 LEDs per metre can be cut every 5cm and 120 LEDs per metre can be cut every 2.5cm! The 4.8W Strip lights are great for mood lighting, whereas the 14.4W ones are better suited for general illumination.

LED Strip Lights

LED Ceiling Light Fittings

In regards to adding personality to a bedroom, LED Ceiling Light Fittings would be a good option. The variety of different styles and designs means there’s many options for achieving the feel that you want for your bedroom, which include modern, traditional, crystal styles etc. Ceiling lights are a basic element of bedroom lighting and something that everyone requires, so why not look at our range consisting of a huge variety of ever expanding LED Ceiling Light Fitting Products!

Cosy Bedroom

LED Table Lamp Fittings

A complementary light may be an object which would complete the look of a bedroom, or just may add a little more light to the room. Regardless, LED Table Lights will be great placed upon a bedside table, chest of draws, desk etc., adding a hint of simplicity to the bedroom but dramatically improving the brightness and the mood which is felt in the room! From retro to minimalist to traditional, the styles which are available to you are endless for you to find a lamp which suits your home!

Posh Bedroom

LED Downlights

Looking for a minimal lighting feature within your bedroom? LED Downlights would be the option for you due to their durability, reliability and ability to fulfil your lighting requirements.

Downlights are very safe to be installed into homes due to the fact that a select range come with a fire rated option and an IP65 feature, meaning that in an event of a fire the downlight will make a ceiling air tight and therefore the fire wouldn’t be able to spread from floor to floor. Also, the IP65 feature means they are able to withstand light jets of water.

Modern Bedroom

Now that your options are endless, we hope that the decision for what lights you’re going to purchase is made easier. If you feel like our blog has been useful, feel free to browse our range of all five of these categories. Alternatively,  if you have any enquires in general, please contact our outstanding customer service team on 0116 321 4120 or visit our website Wholesale LED Lights.

Also, why not follow us on our social media platforms; we’re on Twitter- @WLEDLightsUK, Facebook- Wholesale LED Lights, Instagram- @wledlightsuk and YouTube- Wholesale LED Lights. Not on social media? Contact us by email at, which we will respond to quickly and with all the answers you need.

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