As of September 2018, halogen light bulbs will be no longer sold across Europe due to them being extremely inefficient. There’s no need to worry, as LEDs are the perfect replacement.

The halogen plan, which first emerged in 2016, is an EU-wide effort to improve energy efficiency and cut carbon emissions- what better way to do it other than with an LED replacement? A massive 15.2 tonne reduction is set to happen in Europe’s carbon footprint by 2025, not to mention it putting an end to expensive lighting bills!

To be more specific, there’s an estimated 500 million halogen spotlights that are still being used across Europe. If these were to be replaced with LED alternatives, every household would save an average £42 a year- this would save enough energy to power 11 million homes (brilliant, right?)

LED lighting has dramatically grown in popularity over the last few years due to their energy efficiency and low running costs. They’ll be the perfect replacement for energy-hungry halogens as it’s now easy to find LEDs which give out an attractive warm white light or a brighter white light.

Even though LED bulbs are known for being slightly more expensive than halogens, their 50,000 hour lifetime expectation means they’re a long term investment. As well as this, incandescent bulbs waste 80% of the electricity on heat, meaning they operate at 20% energy efficiency. In comparison, LEDs help to achieve great energy efficiency so significant energy savings are made.

Halogen bulbs are known to fail after around two years, meaning that they’d have to be replaced more often than LEDs with their longer lifespan.

According to Intelligent Abodes, you can save 91% on your lighting bills as a 50W halogen bulb can be replaced by a 4.3W LED bulb which offers equivalent brightness- who wouldn’t want to make the switch? Philips have also quoted that if households replaced 10 halogens with 10 LEDs, the long term savings are equal to about £112 a year!

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