With June 21 marking the First Day of Summer, we are happy that the Sun is (hopefully) here to stay, ice-cream vans are singing away and we can swap jackets for sunglasses.

British Summer’s do not last long, so we need to jump on the lighting trends as soon as possible and enjoy it whilst it lasts!

With more time spent in the garden with paddling pools, BBQs and more fun under the Sun afoot, we have compiled our top lighting tips and style choices for this Summer.

Let’s dive in…


Bask in Boho

Keep cosy and laid-back with a Bohemian vibe. With a care-free feel, floral-inspiration and a slight ethnic vibe, our Boho fittings will add serious style to your garden. Usually featuring browns, golds and a crochet look, you will need an earthy look for the ultimate aesthetic.

Impress family and friends on their way into your home with the Auraglow Black/Brown Outdoor Wicker-Styled Winwick Wall Lantern. With its homey twist on a tradition lantern, this basket-weave fitting is made to resemble wicker for a natural finish. Coloured black and reasonably large at 350mm x 330mm, it will sit tight to the wall and the openness of the strands in the shade leave the light from the E27 exposed. Double up on either side for more light or even turn around and have the illumination shining upwards instead – break the norm!

Hang or sit the Auraglow USB & Solar Powered Flickering Fire Flame Effect Mason Glass Jar Lantern/Table Light in your garden for a stunning night-time glow. With frosted glass to gently diffuse the light from within, this jar will give a camp-side feel to your late Summer nights. Hang multiple within the trees or sit on in the center of the table. Charged by solar power, it can live outside for the entire season!

We also have Indoor Light Fittings to fit the theme.

For the crowning glory of any space, the SearchLight 3 Way Antique Copper Drum Shade Marquise Pendant is the best choice. With a weathered copper finish, this vintage-looking drum shade features diamond weaves and each gap is encrusted with an acrylic droplet that will twinkle in the light. It is perfect to adorn the ceiling above your dining table.

Add a little drop of warmth onto any table with the Auraglow Mosaic Glass Realistic Flickering Flameless LED Decorative Candle. Finished in red pieces of glass, this integrated Table Lamp features a soft flickering candle effect and is beautifully rustic. Pop on a coffee table on romantic nights in or use as a sweet night-light in your little one’s bedroom.


Fairytale Finishes

Summer is the season of whimsy. With days brighter for longer, little touches of lighting can add to the magic. Emanating the glow of fairies, redesign your home to a wonderland of disguised, Warm White light and a few animal-inspired fittings here-and-there for an enchanting atmosphere.

Our best-selling NeoDeck Warm White LED Decking Light Kit, 40mm provides you with 10 little circles of light to recess into any stairway, pond or footpath. The Warm White colour temperature gives off a yellow hue which is softer and much more inviting. With these decking lights, you can sit in the garden for longer and the stairs will not trip you over when you’ve maybe had one too many drinks!

Keep up with the cool kids and hang beautiful Festoon Lights from tree-to-tree. The 20 x Celebration Clear Festoon Lights make every day a celebration in all their beauty. Proving that, sometimes, the simplest option provides the best results – festoons are a fab way to add an inviting aura to any space and look great all year round.

Bring the sparkle inside with the Roe Deer Chrome Table Lamp. Dipped in silver, this little deer will light up with an E27 bulb and watch over all your Summer fun.


Choose Colour

A huge trend for 2019 is that of colour changing lighting.

Enter the era of technology as we bring you the EasiLight range. Compatible with selected bulbs and fittings, you can control the colour of your light from (the remote in) the palm of your hand. Use WiFi or an Amazon Alexa smart home device to choose from 16 million RGBW colour options, dim the light down or completely brighten the space.

Reinvent your wall lights as you know them with the Neosteel Outdoor Up/Down GU10 Wall Light. Perfect for the EasiLight GU10 RGBW bulbs, you can illuminate your outdoors blue one day and pink the next – the possibilities are endless. This gives great scope for themed Summer BBQs and will definitely leave your guests wondering what colour they’ll see next time they come over.

If you have an E27 fitting, have no fear as we have an EasiLight E27 RGB+CCT LED Bulb too. Purchase today and screw into any E27 base and control with your chosen remote for unlimited colour choices.


Find many more stunning options on WLED to illuminate your home with some Summer style. For any advice, please feel free to contact our team of expert advisors on 0116 321 4120 or send an email to cs@wled.co.uk. Show us your style on social media at Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.