We are always trying to discover new products to help you complete your interior design and with Trendi, we have done just that. We recently revamped our range offering you the newest, sleekest and most on-trend finishing touches for your lighting.

Modern living room with Trendi Light Switch

Trendi Switches are the innovative solution to combat unattractive, difficult and tired light switches. With a selection of exciting and modern switches to choose from, we can guarantee that no matter which you opt for, your home will have an instant facelift.

What’s New?

Previously, we stocked black, silver, white and luxury gold options. We now have a brand-new glossy red range which will add a stunningly vibrant pop of colour to your home. With a fantastic selection of colours to choose from, you will now be able to decorate to your hearts content.

Our red range is, however, limited edition, meaning you need to purchase yours before they are no longer available.

Not only do we have brand-new colour options, but we also have multifunctional plug sockets offering connection for both UK plugs and EU plugs.

To complete your home, we even offer other types of sockets to ensure every area of your home has been upgraded. Currently available are: TV coaxial, ethernets, satellites, USB, spur, fans and oven sockets.

Why Trendi?

Trendi Switches are a ground-breaking alternative to replace your dull existing switches. Featuring slim rocker switches along with a clean, fire- and fade-proof plate, Trendi will only ever improve your décor.

With various gang options to choose from, you can control as many lights as needed, ensuring there is something for every room, in every home.

Better yet, they have a screwless finish which only optimises the aesthetics. Don’t let this confuse you, however, as the installation process will remain effortless.

To fit them into your home, disconnect the mains and familiarise yourself with the location of the terminal connectors before wiring. Follow the diagrams provided and connect the correct wires to the appropriate terminals on the rear of the switch. Then, screw the backplate onto the wall box. Once complete, all you need to do is clip the switch plate onto the frame, and lock the front and back together creating the sleek, screwless finish.

If you want any more information, or need a helping hand with your order, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team. We can be contacted over the phone on 0116 321 4120, or you can send us an email to cs@wled.co.uk.

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