Whether you’re investing in a brand-new commercial space, or looking to upgrade what’s already there, smart lighting is a fantastic option for creating a more modern and more effective office space.

Saving Money…

Having lighting that can be adjusted to your exact needs is key to saving a lot of money. With easily adjustable and adaptable lights, there’s no need to run your lighting at full brightness and waste energy.

With smart automation, you can set things up to your precise scheduling needs, which helps reduce your bills massively.

For example, schedule your lights to turn on when your first employees turn up for the day, and turn off a little while after they’ve left. You’ll guarantee there’s no risk of them being left on all night, improving their lifespans and reducing your energy bills!

If your lights are WIFI enabled, then you’ll be able to control your lights from anywhere in the world, perfect for hybrid offices, and for total peace of mind.

Improving Moods…

Another great feature of smart lighting is how much more aesthetic flexibility they give you. Even a simple dual white bulb such as the Easilight E27 6W Dual White LED Light Bulb gives you a tonne of options!

If you’re using smart lighting in a restaurant, for example, you can set things up so that after a certain time of day, the lights dim and become warmer to create a cosier and more refined atmosphere, one that helps your customers relax and enjoy their meals!

After closing, you could even set things to shift to a clinical cool white light that’s much more task focused, which will help you cleaning staff stay on target.

Alternatively, if you’re outfitting an office, you can adjust things to more closely mimic natural lighting at the times of day that this is most required. This is a fantastic mood booster for office workers, especially if they work in locations with fewer windows, where there’s much less natural lighting to enjoy.

For a professional office space, we wouldn’t recommend you use an RGBW bulb, as all those extra colours will most likely go to waste.

Where To Start

Our EasiLight range of products feature numerous LED bulbs that are easy to retrofit into existing fittings, offering up an instant efficiency boost both in terms of your costs and your employee’s happiness!

If you’d like some guidance about getting smart lighting into your business, please feel free to give us a call on 0116 321 4120 or send us an email to cs@wled.co.uk, and our team will be more than happy help you out.

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