LEDs are amazing anywhere, but if you own a shop then they could be the key to driving big sales! Here’s why…

No Noise

If you want to create the perfect ambience in your shop, the sort that helps your customers relax, then you need to say goodbye to that obnoxious buzzing noise you get from traditional halogen lights.

This is especially true in more high-end businesses, where presentation could make the difference between someone browsing and making a purchase.

LEDs don’t flicker when properly installed and they don’t make any noises. They also don’t get hot or unpleasant, so they’re just all round more pleasant to be around.

The Right Colour

One complaint that you may see people making about LEDs is that they’re too bright and too blue.

Our guide to colour temperatures will help you get a handle on the best choice for your specific needs.

A bakery display, for example, will look best with a comforting warm white lighting set up. A jewellery display may want a sharper and more clinical cool white that will cause diamonds to sparkle perfectly.

You’ll also want to consider the brightness of your lights. An LED bulb will need a fraction of the watts of a filament bulb to function. People who aren’t expecting this can overshoot, replacing a 60W halogen with a 60W LED, and they tend to be quite shocked at the results. Check the lumens of your lights, not the wattage to get the best results.

Added Flexibility

You can get a lot more variety with LEDs than any other light source, as you can choose from different colours, colour temperatures and brightness levels.

However, LED chips are a lot more compact too. This led to the development of LED strip lights, which can be stuck to just about any surface.

This is perfect for cabinet and shelf lighting, as you can bend and curve your strip to your exact needs. We even offer a free cutting and soldering service so you can get your lights up and running as fast as possible.

Lowered Overheads

Rising costs are hurting everyone, but shops are really suffering. Do you turn off non-essential lights, running the risk that fewer customers want to come into your shop, or do you keep them going and face the prospect of a shockingly high bill?

Swapping to LEDs will reduce your bills by as much as 90%. It really is that much of an upgrade.

On top of this, LEDs boast longer lifespans compared to filament bulbs, with many expected to last for up to 50,000 hours. That’s more than a decade in real world terms. This will save you from having to buy new lights.

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