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  1. RGB Colour Strip Lights - Some Frequently Asked Questions

    RGB Strip Lights FAQs If you’re considering investing in some spectacular, colour-changing RGB LED strip lights for your home, check out the questions we’re most often asked, and make an informed choice. Continue reading →
  2. Cutting LED Strip Lights - Some Frequently Asked Questions

    Cutting LED Strip Lights Frequently Asked Questions LED strip lights are such versatile products. They’re an excellent solution to your mood lighting needs, whilst providing incredible flexibility. As you might expect then, we get asked a lot of questions – a lot of them related to cutting. Continue reading →
  3. LED Strip Lights - Some Frequently Asked Questions

    LED Strip Lights Some Frequently Asked QuestionsGiven how versatile our LED strip lights are, we do sell a fair amount of them! We also get a lot of questions about our LED tape too. We’ve assembled the most common questions we get into one list. Continue reading →
  4. Dimmable LEDs – Answers To Your Frequently Asked Questions

    Question MarksHere at Wholesale LED Lights, as you can imagine, we sell a vast range of LED light-related products and every day we’re asked questions about them. The following are just a few of the questions we’re asked on a regular basis, regarding dimmable LED lights. Continue reading →
  5. The Anatomy Of An LED Light Bulb

    The Anatomy Of An LED BulbYou may never have thought about it before, but there's a whole lot of great science and stuff that goes into an LED light bulb. Indeed, some might yearn for a simpler time when light was produced simply by heating up a bit of wire with an electrical current, but bang up-to-date, energy-efficient LED lighting technology is here to stay, so it’s a good idea to find out a little bit about the stuff they’re made of. Continue reading →
  6. 5 Easy Steps To Wiring Dual Colour LED Strip Lights (Wiring Diagram)

    Wiring Diagram - Wiring Dual Colour LED Strip LightsOne of the reasons we like wiring diagrams here at Wholesale LED Lights is that they’re so easy to understand. Follow the lines, connect the dots, and off you go! This time, we’re looking at Dual Colour LED Strip Lights. Continue reading →
  7. Beam Angles Explained

    Understanding Beam Angles Continue reading →
  8. A Buyer’s Guide To LED Light Bulb Fittings

    LED Bulbs, Lamps And SpotlightsIf you’re thinking of replacing your old, traditional light bulbs with some bang-up-to-date, energy-efficient LED light bulbs, you’re going to need to know that you’re buying the right bulbs for your particular light fittings. Continue reading →
  9. 5 Compelling Reasons To Use Fully Integrated LED Downlights

    Integrated LED DownlightsYou can always use GU10 LED light bulbs, as they’ll retrofit perfectly into your existing downlight fittings, but why not replace the whole unit for a fully integrated LED downlight? After reading these 5 compelling reasons, you’ll know it makes sense! Continue reading →
  10. 5 Things To Consider When Buying LED GU10 Bulbs

    Question MarkHere at Wholesale LED Lights, we want to make your shopping experience as smooth as possible. In theory, buying GU10 LED light bulbs should be simple. In practice though, it can be a minefield. That’s why if you aren’t sure about anything – you should follow our advice. You’ll be decking your whole house out in no time. Continue reading →

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