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Aashi Soni

  1. Do LEDs Attract Bugs?

    There’s no worse feeling then when it’s a hot summers night and a buzzing fly is interrupting your sleep. This may have something to do with your night lights. Thankfully, a few lighting choices can help to prevent this. Continue reading →
  2. The Environmental Impacts of LEDs

    photo of outer space Sustainability has become a mounting issue in recent years. Therefore, it is more imperative than ever to tackle this problem by switching to greener forms of energy. Luckily, LEDs are eco-friendly without the compromise on performance! Continue reading →
  3. How Can The Kelvin Scale Help You Buy LED Lights?

    The kelvin scale may seem complex-but it is easy to understand at its core! It is simply a measure that determines the colour given off by light (in kelvins/k). The scale ranges from warm light to daylight to cool light; each of them being best suited to different environments. So, what are the main differences? Continue reading →

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