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Amit Soni

Amit Soni is Company Director and co-founder of the company Wholesale LED Lights.


It goes without saying therefore that his knowledge about LED lighting, the industry and Mirrorstone products is unmatched.


He is more than happy to impart this knowledge to customers and help them negotiate this sometime fraught topic.


He has written numerous articles (over 130 blog posts) and contributes to the Wholesale LED Lights blog on a regular basis covering product specific topics and writing more generally about troubleshooting issues, guides and installation projects.

  1. Multi-Purpose Gymnasium Uses Amazing LED Floor Lights

    Glass Floor In A Gym HallAn incredibly innovative gymnasium floor has been installed in a German school, and it’s a definite winner with the pupils! Made from layers of specially toughened glass and coated with an ultra-strength, anti-skid laminate, the smart floor harnesses the awesome versatility and power of LEDs to light the way for many different types of sport, all achieved with the touch of a button. Continue reading →
  2. An Important Message To Our Customers

    pigeon-42590_960_720We’d like to let all our Wholesale LED Lights customers know that weekend deliveries may be delayed due to heavy snow, according to the Royal Mail: Continue reading →
  3. Getting to Grips With LED Strips: Cutting

    Cutting LED Strip Lights With A ScissorLED strip lights must surely be one of the most flexible and versatile forms of lighting available, and that’s not just because they’re bendy! They can also be cut to length. In fact, the level to which the length of LED strip lights can be customised means they’re guaranteed to meet the requirements of your installation, no matter how large or small it might be. Continue reading →
  4. Have You Liked Our Facebook Page?

    Facebook Like And A Question MarkFacebook is the world’s most popular social networking platform. [Later edit] As of June 2016, there was an average of approximately 1.13 billion daily active users – that’s roughly 1 in every 7 people on earth! Continue reading →
  5. Everything You Need To Know About LED Strip Lights

    LED Strip LightsLEDs or “Light-Emitting Diodes” are becoming increasingly popular for both domestic and corporate illumination purposes. In comparison with traditionally used incandescent and halogen lights, LEDs are hugely superior in that they require just a tiny amount of electricity, have a very long lifespan, produce hardly any heat, and can easily be controlled and programmed. Buying LED strip lights may appear at first glance to be fairly straightforward, however, in actuality there are a great many different factors that buyers need to take into consideration to ensure they get the right lights to suit their requirements. Continue reading →
  6. Christmas Lighting Etiquette - How to Avoid Annoying Your Neighbours this Christmas

    Holiday Lights Christmas is one of the few times of year we can go overboard without fear of being judged. One area where this excess is most in evidence is with our lighting. Continue reading →
  7. Switching To LED Lighting – How Difficult Can It Be?

    Puzzled ExpressionPut it this way, as long as you’re not amongst the 1 in 20 of Britons who say they’re unable to change a light bulb, switching to LED lighting should be a piece of cake, or a walk in the park! Continue reading →
  8. How Your Business Can Save Money Using LED Lighting

    Workplace  - Open Space - Office LED LightingMinimising costs and saving money is an integral part of any business. This applies across the board, from office supplies to bills. For a manager or supervisor, lighting is a massive part of this. With this in mind, the benefits of LED lighting will definitely be of interest to you. Continue reading →
  9. Dreaming of a Green Christmas - How LEDs will be Lighting the Festive Season

    Christmas LED Lights Christmas just wouldn't be the same without the lights. All over the world, city's are embracing energy-efficient LED Lights in an effort to create bigger, brighter and more sustainable Christmas lighting displays. Continue reading →
  10. Volume Discounts Are Now Available On All Orders!

    Bulk Order DiscountsJust a reminder to all our customers that we are now offering bulk order discounts on all LED lighting products sold at Wholesale LED Lights.  Continue reading →

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