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Benefits of LEDs

  1. How LED Lights Differ From Ordinary Light Bulbs

    LED Spotlight LightingSince bursting onto the scene a few years ago, LEDs have grown – both in terms of overall performance and in sales too. They’re the next big thing in lighting at a commercial and domestic level, but how do they differ from the industry standards? Continue reading →
  2. Planning A Camping Trip? Don't Forget Your LEDs!

    Camping - LED Tent LightingOne of the best things about summer is embracing the great outdoors. Camping is a huge part of this – and a huge part of camping is your choice of lighting. Continue reading →
  3. Which Is better? Standard Energy Savers Or LEDs.

    LED LightThe impending EU ban on incandescent bulbs means that you’ll no longer be able to buy traditional halogen light bulbs. This means that the only lights that will be left on the market are energy efficient variants. Continue reading →
  4. LED Lights could help cut Light Pollution

    LED Lights, LED Bulbs, LED Lighting By now the benefits of LED Lights will be familiar to most people. As well as using less energy, they last many times longer and contain no harmful chemicals. However, the fact that LED Lights can help to reduce light pollution may come as a surprise, particularly as few people know what light pollution is. Continue reading →
  5. Why LEDs Make Perfect Daytime Running Lights For Cars

    Car's HeadlampsLately, you may have noticed an increasing number of cars driving about sporting luminous "eyebrows". Continue reading →
  6. "Say Cheese!" : How your Photography can Benefit from LED Lights

    LED Lights, LED Lighting, LED Bulbs, LEDs Photographers are discovering the benefits of LED Lighting. Continue reading →
  7. How LED Lights Can Improve Your TV Viewing Experience

    LED Lights, LED Lighting, LED Bulbs, LEDs When LED TVs first appeared back in the early 2000s, customers initially mistook them for the true LED displays similar to those used in sports stadiums. As it turned out, the term "LED TV" was something of a misnomer. Unlike the large displays used at stadiums, which use thousands of LED pixels to create an image, an LED TV was just another way of saying an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) TV, back-lit with LED Lights. Continue reading →
  8. LED Grow Lights – Weeding Out The Myths

    LED Grow LightsMore and more people are beginning to realise that energy-efficient LED lights are the most cost-effective form of illumination for their homes and businesses, but did you know that they have a great deal to offer as far as the agricultural industry is concerned as well? Continue reading →
  9. LED Lights Lead To Mooo-re Milk For Dairy Farmers!

    Two CowsA recent US study into the feasibility of using low energy LED lights on dairy farms has unexpectedly revealed that they could help dairy farmers increase the milk yield of their cattle by up to 6%. Continue reading →
  10. The Environmental Benefits Of LED Lights

    Earth GlobeEvery product we use has consequences for the environment, and light bulbs are no exception. The term for this is a “Carbon Footprint” and, by switching to LED lights and bulbs to provide your primary source of illumination, you can ensure that yours is as small as possible and that you do minimal harm to the environment, both while your bulbs are in use and during their entire life-time. Continue reading →

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