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  1. Capital’s Traffic Lights Change To LED

    LED_traffic_light They’ve long been a feature of our highways and byways, but did you know that traffic lights changed recently, and not in the way you’re thinking? Yes, traffic lights in London and across the UK are now successfully utilising energy-efficient LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) to control the ever-increasing number of road-users. Continue reading →
  2. Museums Enlighten Their Patrons With LED Lights

    The Chicago Field Museum Museum in the Park, Stroud Two eminent museums in the US (The Chicago Field Museum of Natural History) and the UK (Museum in the Park, Stroud) have adopted LED lights to replace their former halogen accent lighting systems, and their patrons are very happy with the results. Continue reading →
  3. The Dangers Of Fluorescent Lights And Mercury

    As traditional halogen bulbs are slowly being phased out, energy saving fluorescents and LEDs are filling the gap left by old filament technologies. Whilst this saves you money and reduces the strain on non-renewable energy sources, fluorescent lights pose a completely new risk altogether from the amounts of mercury inside them. Continue reading →
  4. With Filament Bulbs At Their Death Bed – Enter LEDs

    The way we purchase and use our light bulbs is going to change. The first to go were the 100W incandescent lights, and from 1st September 2018 you won’t be able to buy any halogens at all across Europe. Continue reading →
  5. A Momentary Glitch

    If you’ve noticed some strange goings-on whilst trying to use our website over the last hour or so, please don’t worry about it, because so have we! Continue reading →
  6. Find Us On Facebook!

    facebook-logo-png-2-0 Have you found us on Facebook yet? If you haven’t already, you really should! Continue reading →
  7. Technical Difficulties...

    Dear Customer, If you’ve been trying to contact us, you may be aware that our head office and dispatch centre have been experiencing some technical problems, making them unavailable. Continue reading →
  8. SMD Spotlights vs. LED - What Is The Difference?

    SMD vs LEDSince LED lights burst onto the market a few years ago, they’ve undergone some evolutionary changes that have improved varying aspects of their performance. One of the most significant steps has been the emergence of SMD technology – short for Surface Mounted Device. Continue reading →
  9. Wholesale LED Lights - Our Ambition

    GU10 LED lightingHere at Wholesale LED Lights, it’s our aim to provide you with the best quality and most affordable alternative lighting solutions, with many years experience providing high quality products and a high standard of customer service. We’re here to ensure that the transition from your existing, wasteful light sources to energy-efficient LED lighting is as hassle-free and painless as it can possibly be. Continue reading →
  10. Wholesale LED Lights Quick Order Hotline: 0116 321 4120

    Call us directly on 0116 321 4120 Hey there!  Did you know that you can now contact Wholesale LED Lights directly, by calling the Quick Order Hotline number? Continue reading →

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