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  1. The Anatomy Of An LED Light Bulb

    The Anatomy Of An LED BulbYou may never have thought about it before, but there's a whole lot of great science and stuff that goes into an LED light bulb. Indeed, some might yearn for a simpler time when light was produced simply by heating up a bit of wire with an electrical current, but bang up-to-date, energy-efficient LED lighting technology is here to stay, so it’s a good idea to find out a little bit about the stuff they’re made of. Continue reading →
  2. 7 Super LED Lighting Accessories For Nightime Cycle Safety

    7 Lighting Accessories For Your BikeAs a cyclist, staying safe around busy roads just has to be your number one priority, and even more so when it’s dark. Here are the Super-Seven LED lighting accessories that will keep you safe when you’re cycling at night. Continue reading →
  3. They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Did – 5 Amazing New LED Bulbs

    Despite being an enduring symbol of innovation, the incandescent light bulb isn't really all that innovative any more. In fact, the design hasn't changed very much at all since Thomas Edison introduced it in 1879. As well as looking very similar to their 1879 counterparts, today’s incandescent light bulbs still generate light in an extremely wasteful way, by converting as little as 10 per cent of the energy they consume into useful light. In recent years, the demand for brighter, more efficient lighting has encouraged manufacturers to completely rethink the design of their light bulbs. First, we were treated to the curly-whirly CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps), and then came the hi-tech, truly energy-saving LED light bulb. Continue reading →
  4. 10 Buildings That Use LED Lighting

    10 Buildings That Use LED LightingThe skylines of our cities are changing. Not only are buildings getting taller, they’re also becoming brighter and more colourful thanks to low energy LED lights. We look at 10 buildings from around the world that light up the night sky using LEDs. Continue reading →
  5. 5 Myths About LED Lighting – Debunked!

    True False SignAfter being around for more than a decade, LED lighting is a mature, reliable technology that has earned its place in the mainstream lighting market. LED lighting’s increasing popularity is based on its unique ability to provide us with dramatically more energy-efficient, sustainable and cost-effective illumination, so why have so many myths and misconceptions formed around it, and which are the main ones that require debunking? Continue reading →
  6. LED Light Paintings By Darren Pearson

    Octopus - LED Light Painting By Darren PearsonSan Diego based artist and photographer Darren Pearson, has practiced something called light painting since 2008 – and it is pretty spectacular. Continue reading →
  7. 5 Weird And Wonderful Lamp Designs

    Most lamp designs stick to a fairly uninteresting template; a base, some sort of lamp shade and a light bulb, preferably LED. However, some lamps – like the five we've collected together here – choose to defy the norms of conventional lighting design. And we for one are glad they do. Continue reading →
  8. Incredible LED Light Installation Taps Into Your Conscience

    Light DropA quirky and imaginative LED light installation, designed to make people think long and hard about wasting natural resources such as water, Light Drop really taps into the conscience. Continue reading →
  9. Reflective Flow: The World's Largest Chandelier Uses Colour Changing LED Lights

    Reflective Flow is a chandelier located in Doha, QatarSay hello to the world’s largest chandelier – stunning, isn’t she? Continue reading →
  10. LED Dandelion Lights Will Literally Blow You Away!

    LED Dandelion LightsAn Amsterdam-based studio has combined advanced, eco-friendly LED lighting technology with elements from the natural world to create an incredible synergistic installation that will literally blow you away! Continue reading →

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