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  1. LED Flowers By BW Architects At Tribeca Film Festival

    Tribeca LED Light FlowersNew York based design studio BWArchitects blew away visitors to the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival with a stunning LED lights installation. Continue reading →
  2. Sophie Valla's 'LED Cloud' Turns Old Gas Stations Into Artificial Skies

    Sophie Valla's 'LED Cloud' Turns Old Gas Stations Into Artificial SkiesThe Dutch have never been the kind to think inside the box – and they’ve shown us again what is possible when we really channel our creative juices. Continue reading →
  3. Hafencity Subway Station Receives Colourful LED Makeover

    Hafencity Subway Station Receives Colourful LED MakeoverWhen Munich based designers Raupach Architekten and lighting company Pfarre Lighting Design were asked to revamp the Hafencity Subway Station in Hamburg, Germany – they built something truly spectacular. Continue reading →
  4. Charming LED NightLight From Designer Adam Frank

    LED NightlightBrooklyn based designer Adam Frank took the eco-friendly ethos and ran with it – what he came back with was both charming and stunning. Continue reading →
  5. LIKEarchitect's 'LEDscape' Is A Labyrinth Of LED Lights

    'LEDscape' Is A Labyrinth Of LED LightsBeautiful, original and artistic. These are just 3 ways of describing LIKE Architects ‘LEDscape’ – an art installation to promote IKEA’s LEDARE bulb. Continue reading →
  6. Revolights Are A Revolution In Bike Lighting

    Revolights Are A Revolution In Bike LightingRevolights are a brand new design concept in bike lighting that incorporates LED lights onto the front and rear wheels of the bike! Continue reading →
  7. Wallet-Sized LED Light Puts Illumination Where It Counts

    Pocket LightLights certainly don’t come any smaller or more compact than this. It’s the aptly-named Pocket Light, and it could make lost keys and scrabbling around for change things of the past. Continue reading →
  8. Issey Miyake Uses LED Light And Shadow In Latest Collection

    Issey Miyake Although he might be better known for clothing and fragrances – even legendary fashion designer can’t resist having a play with some LED lights to see what he can create. The results though are stunning. Continue reading →
  9. GPS ‘Dorothy’ Shoes Use LED Lights To Guide Wearer Home

    LED ShoesWhen Dorothy wanted to return home in L. Frank Baum’s famous children’s novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, all she had to do was click her heels 3 times, and wished to go home. Instantly, she was back in Kansas. Whilst this remains the stuff of fairytales, British designer Dominic Wilcox has brought us as close as we’ll probably get to Dorothy’s magical silver shoes. Continue reading →
  10. Empire State Building Dons A Crown Of LED Lights

    Empire State BuildingOne of the USA’s most iconic land marks received a complete makeover at its very top – to the surprise of thousands of New York civilians walking the streets of Manhattan below. Continue reading →

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