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  1. Incredible LED Light Sculptures Cast No Shadows

    Incredible LED Light Sculptures Cast No ShadowsAn artist, working exclusively in light, has used thousands of LEDs to create fabulous glowing, life-size representations of humans and animals. No Shadow which is a new series by critically acclaimed Japanese artist and designer Makoto Tojiki, explores the themes of light, shadow, memory and perception, as well as providing a brilliant showcase for energy-efficient LED lights in art. Continue reading →
  2. Understanding The "Law Of LED Lights"

    Question MarksIf you’ve ever considered switching from your existing light source to LED lighting but thought it might just be a fad or a flash-in-the-pan, there’s definitely something you should know. Yes, a stunning forecast has been made about the rapid improvement in LED (Light-Emitting Diode) technology, which means that, by the end of the decade, LED lighting will have become the world’s predominant form of illumination. Continue reading →
  3. LED Windmills Generate Not Only Gorgeous Light But Awareness Too!

    WhirlyDoodles - Diminutive windmills featuring spectacular colour-changing LED lights Diminutive windmills featuring spectacular colour-changing LED lights are being used to enliven the streets and boulevards in the US city of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Continue reading →
  4. Low Energy LED Lights Make Mercedes Disappear From View

    Invisible MercedesGerman car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has conjured up a rather ingenious approach to advertising its new range of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, and it involves LED (Light-Emitting Diode) technology. Continue reading →

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