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  1. Need To Switch Your Switches For Dimmable LEDs?

    LED Dimmer SwitchIf, like an increasing number of people, you've decided to switch to dimmable LED lighting, you may be unsure of the other changes you might need to make. Continue reading →
  2. Why LED Light Is Measured In Lumens And Not Watts

    Light Bulb GraphicThe emergence of energy-efficient LED light bulbs in the last few years has made choosing bulbs to replace your existing, wasteful incandescent bulbs a lot less simple than it used to be. Continue reading →
  3. The Living Room - Better Living Through LED Lighting

    LampsHome is where the heart is and, your lighting is at the very heart of your home, so you’ll definitely want the best for yourself and your family. LED lighting is the very best on offer, and here’s exactly how you can maximise its potential, so it’ll provide you with exceptional illumination for every room in your home. Continue reading →
  4. Save Energy This Halloween With Amazing LED Lights!

    Autumn is fast approaching, and with it comes Halloween. Don’t be scared by the modern technology that is LED lighting – embrace it with its massive advantages. Continue reading →
  5. Turn Back The Clocks And Energy Prices With LED Lighting

    ClockSome people love it and some people hate it, but every year without fail, we turn back out clocks on the last Sunday of October. While we gain an hour of morning sunlight during the summer months, we lose the same amount of light from our long winter evenings. Whether or not you’re fond of the custom, one thing that’s for sure is that, for many, it heralds the beginning of winter and increased levels of spending on household energy bills. This, of course, is mainly due to the fact that we’re turning on our lights an hour earlier than usual so, unless you’ve got the right kind of light bulbs installed, you’re going to be spending a lot more money than you need to. Continue reading →
  6. LED Bulbs Add A Warm Glow To Winter Evenings

    Autumn LeavesAs the seasons pass, spring into summer, on through autumn and transform inexorably into winter, we inevitably begin to think about staying warm and, as the clocks go back, we start switching our lights on earlier and earlier every day. Continue reading →
  7. The Litre Of Light Project Illuminates The Lives Of Millions

    Bottle Light - A 'Litre of Light'Electric lighting is certainly something that we in developed countries take for granted. The idea of living without it is simply something we couldn’t imagine. Continue reading →
  8. What Are Lumens?

    Tree LED BulbThere’s a lot of scary jargon in the world, and this is especially the case for LED lights. There’s a lot of technical language to wrap your head around, and one of the most important terms of lumens. Continue reading →
  9. Consumer Reports Shine Green Light On LEDs

    LED Lights News - Consumer Reports Give Approval It’s only natural to have some scepticism when any new technology comes out. Pretty soon, thanks to the EU ban on halogen bulbs, we’ll have to embrace energy efficient methods of lighting. LEDs have been no exception to the said cynicism – but that might change thanks to a study done by Consumer Reports. Continue reading →

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