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Cymbal Round Flush Ceiling Light in Grey With Opal Glass Description

Discreetly illuminating any room can sometimes feel challenging, but it has now been made ever so simple with the Cymbal Round Flush Ceiling Light In Grey With Opal Glass. Designed by Mirrorstone, this minimal fitting was manufactured with simplicity and elegance in mind. It measures just 80mm in height so it will remain flush to the ceiling and will not take away from your interior design.

The fitting itself has a grey outer ring with a frosted glass shade within the centre. This will effectively diffuse the light output from the E27 bulb, and will ensure the light doesn’t appear too stark.

To complete your purchase, you will receive a 12-month warranty on this item. Each of our products even come with a 14-day returns and exchanges period. This means you can send your items back to us should you find that they are not up to standard.

EasiLight: A World Of Colour In Your Hands

Add some colour to your room with our exclusive EasiLight RGB bulbs. Compatible with selected fittings, simply pop in the bulb and control using a remote – gone are the days of switches.

Innovate your home with this smart technology and control your lighting from the push of a button. This intelligent range can emit up to 16 million colours using Wi-Fi, dim or brighten to your chosen aesthetic and can even be paired with your Amazon Alexa smart-home device. Still with the low cost, tough durability and long life-span of LEDs, have the added bonus of wowing your guests with this truly unique and mesmerising lighting.

Connect your bulb with Wi-Fi Bridge Box to control the speed, brightness and other bulb functions via your smartphone, or opt for a 4 Zone Wallplate when you have multiple bulbs to control. Don’t forget to purchase your Remote Holder to ensure it never escapes. For more options, simply search ‘Easilight’ in our search bar for the entire range!

Please note that when purchasing the RGB bulbs with this fitting, you will need a minimum of one remote to control your bulbs. So, if you’re purchasing a single fitting, you will need to pick the option with remote, whereas if you’re purchasing multiple fittings, only one of them needs to be purchased with a remote.

Discreet Lighting Options

We have a whole host of Indoor Light Fittings on our website which all serve a different purpose. From Ceiling Lights, to LED Table Lamps, you will be able to find a light to fulfil any need.

If you love the minimalistic approach, however, then we’re sure you’ll love the IP44 Flush LED Ceiling Light Chrome. This light has the extra oomph with a chrome outer ring encasing the shade. It is even IP44 Rated, meaning you can install it into your bathroom without having to worry about accidental splashes of water.

Decoding The Technical Jargon

Lighting can be incredibly difficult, with so many factors to consider and so much jargon to understand. That’s why we have decided to break down the most common acronyms found with LEDs!

-IP – The IP rating of a product stands for ‘Ingress Protection’ and is always shown with two digits following the letters. This essentially depicts how well protected a product is against foreign objects and water. The higher the digits, the higher the level of protection.

-CCT – Correlated colour temperature refers to how ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ a light is.This is measured in Kelvins along the Kelvin scale. Cool white (6000K) is much icier and is a true white, whereas warm white (3000K) has an almost reddish glow.

-CRI – The Colour Rendering Index illustrates how closely a light source resembles natural daylight. The higher the rating, the more realistic the light is. LEDs themselves have a rather high CRI, especially when compared to halogen bulbs for example.

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