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Digital RGB LED Pixel Tape (60 x 5050 SMD, 14.4W, 330-1020 Lumens)


Digital RGB LED Pixel Tape (60 x 5050 SMD, 14.4W, 330-1020 Lumens)

  • Free ShippingOrders over £40

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  • 5 Years*Warranty

Key Features:
  • Mirrorstone
  • 14.4w
  • 80W
  • 330-1020 lm
  • 12mm
  • 12v
Please allow an extra 1-2 days for custom cut lengths of tape. Delivery terms & fees.
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  • Free ShippingOrders over £40

  • 14 DayCancellations

  • 5 Years*Warranty

Download the spec sheet for the Digital RGB LED Pixel Tape (60 x 5050 SMD, 14.4W, 330-1020 Lumens) here.

The ideal light source for any commercial installation, design project or indeed, domestic application, Digital RGB LED Pixel Tape (Protocol: WS2812B) from Mirrorstone Lighting will blow your mind with its amazing functionality!

You’ll be able to achieve an enormous range of stunning effects with this digital RGB LED pixel tape as it’s able to generate a full colour spectrum thanks to its RGB LEDs. The ability to access the entire spectrum of colours means you can set individual programmes to suit any mood or occasion.

To achieve this myriad of colours and up to 133 dazzling effects, you’ll require one of our remotes such as the 16 Key LED Pixel Tape Controller.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, because this video from the Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy Tablet & Gear Launch, 2103 in London will show you exactly what LED RGB Pixel Tape is capable of:

Amazing Features!

This LED RGB pixel tape consumes just 14.4W of electricity per metre, yet its 60 SMDs are capable of generating as many lumens as an 80W traditional light source. This makes it over 5 times more energy efficient and means it will actually save you money when you use it as a replacement.

It has a 120° beam angle which gives it a wide area of light dispersal, and you’ll be able to ensure your LED tape achieves this by securing it in place with an appropriately sized Aluminium LED Profile.

Profiles won’t just make your installation look professional and permanent, they’ll also act as an effective sink that draws away any heat your LED strip lights create, thus prolonging their life to its full 50,000 hour extent.

This tape can also simply be affixed to any flat surface using the strong 3m self adhesive on the back, however, due to the wide range of surface materials available like marble, wood, plastic, MDF and granite, we are unable to guarantee long-lasting results from the adhesive alone.

The strip can also be cut every 100mm, which gives you the unique ability to tailor your lighting installation to your own personal requirements.

You can either cut your pixel tape yourself or indicate your preference in the text box at the head of the page, because we’re the only LED lighting company in the UK to offer our customers a completely free, bespoke cutting service. The first 3 cuts are completely free of charge.

You’ll also need to indicate the level of Ingress Protection you require for your LED RGB pixel tape. There are two on offer and which you choose will depend on in which location you’re planning to install it.

For completely dry areas like your living room or for retail outlets, where it can be used to accentuate a feature or for a display area, you’ll only need the minimal protection the IP20 rating provides. However, for areas where your tape is likely to become wet like in your garden, near a swimming pool or a Jacuzzi, you’ll require the IP65 level.

All LED Tape is priced per metre. If you purchase any amount of LED strip lights then we will send it out as one full, uninterrupted length e.g. 1 x 3m rather than 3 x 1m.

Did you know that all of our LED Tape is dimmable? Simply use alongside a dimmable driver to alter the brightness!

Please note that all IP67 and IP68 tape comes in lengths of up to 5m max, and will not fit in any of our aluminium profiles.

IP65 tape comes in maximum lengths of up to 25m, and will be soldered tape to tape every 5m for any lengths over 5m. Although 25m lengths are available in this way, there is no guarantee that it can be ran continuously due to power drop. Please get in touch with us if you require further information about this.

IP20 tape may or may not come soldered tape to tape, as this depends on how it arrives to us from our suppliers.

LED Tape & Strip Lights Custom Lengths

Making Savings

Apply our latest promotional discount code to the contents of your shopping cart to get 10 to 20% off the price of this LED pixel tape and many other selected products.

Purchase a sufficient length of this stunning tape and you’ll pay nothing for shipping if your order exceeds £40.00. 

Existing tradespeople can take advantage of our massively reduced wholesale prices simply by creating an online trade account and becoming one of our trade customers.

Low Voltage Lighting Solutions

RGB pixel tape such as this comes only in a 12v option which means you’ll need to use an appropriate 12v LED Power Supply to make them run correctly.

Fortunately, we offer an extremely wide range including both plug power adaptors, waterproof LED drivers and dimmable LED drivers to name but a few.

Our LED power supplies are available in a range of maximum loads to take into account a variety of strip light lengths, so it’s important to take note both of their capacity and the amount of power your 14.4w/m Digital RGB pixel tape will require:

■ 1 metre: 14.4 Watts;

■ 2 metres: 28.8 Watts;

■ 3 metres: 43.2 Watts;

■ 5 metres: 72 Watts;

■ 10 metres: 144 Watts;

■ 20 metres: 288 Watts;

■ 30 metres: 432 Watts.

Please note that all our LED tape is sold by the metre, and that the measurements above are only to provide you with guidance. We advise that you run your LED pixel tape around 10% under the maximum load stated on your power supply, as this will protect it and maximise its lifespan.

A Huge Range Of Choices For You!

We have a massive selection of LED strip lights for you to choose from, so why not take a look right now?

For instance, our LED Digital RGB Pixel Tape also comes in a 7.2W (30 X 5050 SMD, 165-510 Lumens) version which is slightly less powerful and bright than the featured 14.4W variety.

We also have regular RGB Colour-Changing LED Tape in both 12v and 24v options, as well as RGBW LED Tape, Dual Colour 12v LED Tape and Single Colour LED Tape in 12v and 24v too!

Our Home Trial & Warranty Policies

When you purchase any of our LED lighting products, you’ll have a full 14 days from the date of receipt during which to return it in exchange for a replacement or a refund.

Please be advised however, that LED tape that has been cut or altered in any way, shape or form cannot be returned as it will no longer be sellable.

This Digital RGB LED Pixel Tape is supplied complete with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, however, this can be extended to 5-years free-of-charge by simply completing the appropriate form within the first 90 days of purchase.

Should you require any further information or advice about this product, please donot hesitate to contact us on 0116 321 4120 or send an email to:

You can also get in touch with us via our Facebook or Twitter social media pages if you’d prefer. We look forward to hearing from you!

More Information
Brand Mirrorstone
Power 14.4w
Equivalent Brightness 80W
Lumens 330-1020 lm
Width (mm) 12mm
Input Voltage 12v
Beam Angle 120°
Dimmable with Controller
Chip Size 50/50 (5mm x 5mm)
Chipset Bridgelux
Colour RGB
Certification CE, RoHS
Life Hours 50,000

If you would like to return anything you have bought from Wholesale LED Lights, you have 14 days from the date of delivery to notify us. Should you with to, you then have a further 14 days to send the item back to us. You will then receive either a refund or an exchange.

This applies to all items unless otherwise stated, for example, any custom-made items (such as cut to length LED Strip Lights, or LED Door Signs) are excluded from our 14 day returns policy.

If an item has been modified, attempted to have been repaired or otherwise tampered with, Wholesale LED Lights are not obliged to offer a refund or exchange.

Please read through our full returns policy for more details

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