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240v Mains
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1 Year
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Antique Edison Bulb LED Table Lamp Description

If you’ve become tired of the plastic, throwaway nature of many of our modern appliances and yearn instead for the days when traditional qualities and standards were the norm, then you’ll be captivated by this Antique Edison Bulb LED Table Lamp from Mirrorstone Lighting.

It’s a wonderful, old-fashioned looking table lamp that wouldn’t look out of place in a country kitchen or the parlour of a stately home, but at its core is a functionality that is pure 21st century!

With a base fashioned from real wood and boasting a glass dome that covers the E27 base LED light bulb, this stunning table lamp measures 250mm (9.84 inches) from top to bottom and has a diameter of 145mm (5.70 inches).

This superb table lamp doesn’t come equipped with the E27 LED bulb, admittedly, but you’re more than welcome to purchase it as part of the same order. In fact, we advise all our customers to take up this option as it’s both more convenient and less expensive than placing two separate orders.

When you do order the bulb, you’ll need to let us know whether you’d like it in warm (3000K) white or cool (6000K) white. Obviously, if you’re only just switching over from halogen bulbs to LED, you may not be used to choosing the colour temperature of your bulbs.

If this is the case and you’re at all unsure about the best way to deploy the different colour temperatures around your home, please take a look at this brief explanatory video prior to completing your order:

Revitalise Your Lighting With Our LEDs

LED lighting is truly coming into its own today, mainly due to its incredible energy efficiency and longevity of bulbs such as the E27 LEDs that this Antique Edison Bulb Table Lamp requires. But the fact that they consume a tiny fraction of the power and last around ten times as long as halogen bulbs isn’t the whole story, because they’re amazingly versatile and a lot better for the environment too!

You’ll be astounded by the many innovative and imaginative designs we have on offer in our range of LED table lamps, so why not have a look at what else is there?

If, for example, you’d like to give your office space a look that hearkens back to a bygone era in a similar way to the featured table lamp, the Traditional Bankers’ LED Table Lamp will achieve just that. Imagine having it on the corner of a heavy oak desk, illuminating dusty ledgers, or in a modern office where it will lend a certain air of gravitas. In either setting it will look equally fabulous!

And, you can evoke an age of luxury and opulence in your living space with the Tiffany-inspired Dragonfly Table Lamp, its motif mirroring the company’s classic stained glass lampshades of the 1920s and 30s.

Introduce a quirky element into your bedroom by placing an Adjustable Headlight LED Table Lamp on each side of the bed. They’ll provide excellent bedtime reading light, all the while enabling you to continue with the retro/classic theme.

Making Savings

You should also keep a close eye on our frequently updated promotional codes because, when you apply the latest of them to the contents of your shopping cart, you’ll achieve a discount of 10 to 20% on this and many of our other items too!

If you’re already a tradesperson, it makes real sense for you to access our massively reduced wholesale prices to make your purchases with us. Just create an online trade account and become one of our trade customers – it couldn’t be simpler!

Remember also that we ship orders that are in excess of £40.00 completely free-of-charge, so it might be worth just throwing a few extra LED bulbs into this order to clear the threshold!

Our Returns Policy And Manufacturer’s Replacement Warranty

Whenever you buy one of our superb LED lighting products, you’ll be given a full 14 days during which to check it out in the comfort of your own home. If you don’t feel it meets all your requirements, just get in touch and arrange to return it for a replacement or a refund.

Please bear in mind, however, that this Antique Edison Bulb LED Table Lamp is a special order item so we’ll have to charge you a 15% restocking fee if you do decide it’s not for you after receiving it.

Therefore, we urge you to ensure that it’s just what you’re looking for before you complete your order and commit to buying it. If you’re in any way concerned that it might not be quite right for you, please don’t hesitate to discuss it with a member of our dedicated customer service team. They can be reached on 0116 321 4120 and they’ll be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

You can also contact us via e-mail at: as well as posting your query on our Facebook and Twitter social media pages. They’re checked and updated daily, so you’re questions will be answered really quickly.

This stunningly designed LED table lamp comes complete with our 12 month manufacturer’s replacement warranty, so you’ll have extra peace-of-mind going forward.