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240v Mains
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1 Year
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Chrome Touch LED Table Lamp Description

This Chrome Touch LED Table Lamp from Mirrorstone Lighting is simple, yet has so much character, making it perfect for the bedroom as a bedside table.

Standing tall at 410mm high, it starts with a circular chrome base, and a tall metal stem that leads up to the shade. We have a range of different designs that help you to personalise it, with black diamante, black damask and 3 tone ribbon to choose from.

Inside the shade is a single E14 base, where you can use any bulb of your choosing up to 60W in power consumption.

You can have a bulb included in the package too, with 3000K warm white, or 6000K cool white available to you.

The touch controls give you complete control over it too, in a sleek and modern style with no ugly switches in sight.

Head over to our discount codes too – you could save anywhere up to 20% off selected items, including this table lamp.

Light Up Your Table!

If you are looking for an LED table lamp but aren’t completely sold on our featured product then don’t worry – we’ve got a huge range to choose from, and a couple of recommendations too!

Our Touch LED Table Lamp Black Chrome With Black Shade is very similar in terms of style to our featured item, but for a few small details.

The base is slightly thicker and is finished in a darker chrome. The shade is also taller, obscuring more of the stem. This gives it a more subdued look, helped by the plain black finish on the shade too. It too uses E14 light bulbs.

Looking for something quite different? Take a look at our Empire State Building LED Table Lamp – instead of a base and spine like many other table lamps, you get a miniature model of New York’s Empire State Building!

At the top of the building, you’ll find a plain black shade, inside which there’s a base where you can use any of our B22 LED bulbs from our range.

It’s worth knowing that spending over £40 ensures that we ship your order out to you for free, so make sure you have a browse and see if there’s anything else that takes your fancy!

Invest In LED Lights

LEDs are the future of domestic and commercial lighting, primarily because they are the most environmentally friendly and cost effective type of lighting available. This stems from how energy efficient they are.

LEDs convert almost all of their energy into light – 90% of it, which is brilliant efficiency. Halogens on the other hand only convert around 20% of their energy into light. This means they use more energy, needlessly increasing your lighting bills.

LEDs on the other hand can help cut your lighting bills by 90%.

As they lose less energy to heat compared to halogens, there is far less stress placed on the internal components. This allows them to last longer, which is why LEDs last twice as long as CFLs, and 20 times longer than halogens.

This massively cuts the cost of maintenance, as you spend less replacing your bulbs.

Returns And 12 Month Warranty

If you find that you’ve changed your mind for any reason after ordering your table lamp, you can send it back to us at any point within 14 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange.

Please bear in mind though that this is a special order item, and that any returns will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

If there are any unlikely issues further down the line, then you can make use of Mirrorstone’s 12 month replacement warranty, giving you extra assurances further down the line.

Contact Information

You can give us a call on 0116 321 4120, or you can send us an email to if you have any further questions relating to this item, installations, becoming a trade customer or anything else.

Don’t forget that you can also use social media too, by posting on our Facebook page or by tweeting us @WLEDLightsUK and using the hashtag #WLEDAware.