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Mojo Touch Table Lamp Copper / White Description

Designed by Mirrorstone, is the Mojo Touch Table Lamp Copper / White. It is another gorgeous product featuring a copper base and a white polycotton shade to complete the sumptuous look.

Perfect for any bedside table, this lamp will be sure to illuminate the area once you employ an E14 bulb. After that, you’ll simply have to plug it into a 240V mains.

Being a touch lamp, you’ll be able to take control of your lighting. It has four different settings being: off, dim, medium and bright. This means that you’ll need a dimmable bulb, and to choose what colour temperature you will want for that particular room.

For a bedroom, warm white (3000K) is always recommended as the softer hues will help you to wind down. Cooler white (6000K), on the other hand, is the better option in rooms where you need to concentrate as the cleaner light will be sure to give you a healthy boost.

Learn more about colour temperatures here:

Aid Your Health

With an array of benefits, it is no surprise that LEDs are the best lighting option on the market. From being incredibly energy-efficient, to lasting up to 17-years, what few realise is that they can even help with your health.

As mentioned above, LEDs come in a range of colour temperatures, and this is due to their high CRI. Using the different colours strategically has also been shown to improve your circadian rhythm, regulating sleeping and eating patterns.

Not only this, but they can reduce headaches and migraines. This is due to LEDs running on a DC instead of an AC like traditional lighting methods. These are known to flicker and hum which is hard for the human eye to perceive. In turn, this exacerbates headaches and causes eye strain.

Don’t forget that they’re also by far the safest option, as they have an advanced heat sink which can effectively dissipate heat. On top of this, they have little heat wastage, whereas a halogen tends to lose around 90% of their energy just on heat loss.

Integrated LEDs

We have a whole host of indoor light fittings on our site to help you spruce up your home. However, we recommend adding a modern touch using integrated LEDs.

Check out the gorgeous Chrome LED Contemporary Desk Light. It has three slimline chrome bars, crossing haphazardly to one another. Within each bar are tiny LED chips which can beam out 700 lumens of high-quality, healthy light.

For a touch of glam, take a look at the Gold LED Designer Round Table Light. The golden fitting employs two rings with the LEDs on the inner half. For such a small lamp, it can even emit 1800 lumens of light while only using 28W of power!

If you had envisioned something slightly different, don’t miss out and browse our diverse range of LED Table Lamps.

Our Policies

To give our customers true peace of mind, we will give you a 28-day trial period to test out our LEDs from the comfort of your own home. If you discover that it isn’t for you, you can return or exchange the item.

This product also comes with a 12-month warranty covering you in the unlikely event of any issues arising.

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