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Input Voltage:
240V AC
12V DC
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NeoDeck Blue LED Decking Light Kit, 40mm Description

So you’ve installed some gorgeous new decking, and you’re searching for the perfect outdoor LED lights setup to create the right ambience in your garden on those balmy summer evenings. Well this superb blue LED decking light kit from Mirrorstone™ will ensure that you achieve just that!

The kit consists of a set of LED decking lights, all connection cables and connectors (5 metres of cable from the transformer to the first light, leaving 1.5 metres between each light), and a low voltage transformer.

Please be aware that the supplied transformer is only designed to run the amount of lights included in the pack. You cannot add any more lights on, else this will overload the transformer.

Take a look at the video below to find out more about the 40mm LED Deck Light Kits:

Introducing NeoDeck

The NeoDeck range of decking lights upgrades your outdoor experience. With a more vivid light than ever before, your coloured or white lights will brighten up your night. It’s the same low energy usage you’d expect, with brighter lights, and improved weather resistance. It’s a completely new decking adventure.

Great Whatever The Weather!

People often become confused by IP ratings, but actually they’re really easy. They’re simply a representation of a device’s level of protection against moisture and foreign bodies, and are made up of two parts.

These LED decking lights have an IP65 rating, the first digit meaning that they’re completely protected against dust and foreign bodies, whilst the second shows that they can withstand low pressure omni-directional jets of water.

As the transformer is IP44 rated, it’s amply protected against solid objects larger than 1mm, and against water splashes from any direction so, as a whole, this kit will be ideally suited for use both inside and out of doors, in areas where there’s likely to be some considerable moisture and even wetness.

The Choice Is Yours!

These 3.5W 40mm LEDs produce blue light, and the decking lights kit can be purchased with 6, 10, 20 or 30 of them. This makes it possible for you to adapt it to suit your particular requirements, meaning either the size of the area you wish to illuminate, or the intensity and brightness of the light you want to achieve.

Should you wish to illuminate your outdoor decking area or even your kitchen plinth or island with differently coloured lights, we have them in white and warm white, red, green and stunning pink varieties.

To ensure we supply you with decking light options that’ll suit you down to the ground, we also have 15mm 1W versions in exactly the same colours!

So Many Advantages!

Switching to LED from your traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting will prove massively beneficial to you in so many ways.

They produce no wasteful heat, so there’ll be no danger of anyone becoming burned by accidentally stepping on a decking light.

No heat also means better energy-efficiency. They not only require a fraction of the electricity to produce the same number of Lumens of brightness, they also last 20 times as long as incandescent bulbs too!

So, replace your current, profligate light sources to LED decking lights and you’ll begin to see the financial benefits within just 12 months!

LEDs are also fully recyclable, unlike fluorescent bulbs which invariably end their working lives as landfill. This means LEDs are better for the environment too!

Savings To Make You Smile

We have a great relationship with our customers, and we love being in a position to give something back to say thanks for all the great reviews they’ve given us.

We do this in several ways. The first of these is our discounts and promotional codes scheme. To gain up to 20% off certain selected products, simply apply the correct promo code to your basket at the checkout.

You can also become a trade customer and reap the rewards of out further reduced wholesale prices!

We’re shipping orders in excess of £40.00 absolutely free so, depending on the number of lights you require, this kit could entitle you. Check it out!

No Stress Home Trial

If you receive one of our LED lighting products and you’re not completely satisfied with it, just give us a call. As long as it’s within 14 days of the receipt of purchase, you can return it and we’ll either offer you a replacement or give you a refund. No problem!

When you purchase this Blue LED Decking Light Kit - 40mm, you’ll be fully protected by the 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Get In Touch!

We have a great team of knowledgeable and friendly Customer Service Advisors on hand, waiting to take your call about this or any of our LED lighting products. Why not get in touch? Give us a call on 0116 321 4120 or send an e-mail to