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LED Accessories

LED Accessories

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Our LED accessories category covers a wide range of accessories manufactured by Mirrorstone including lamp holders, connectors, torches and bike lights.

Why buy an LED Torch?

We currently offer a wide range of LED torches, but by far our most popular option is the Cree T6 Focus Torch. So popular in fact that we keep selling out, so make sure you don’t miss out by getting one on backorder right now. Its little wonder these amazing torches are so popular. They are incredibly bright and very practical with a variable beam angle offering almost unmatched versatility. As this is an LED torch you don’t need to worry about your batteries running out. Because the power draw from the LED is so low your batteries will last even longer than usual saving you money on the cost of replacements.

To find out more about LED Torches and their benefits check out our blog post.

A revolution in bike lighting

LED Lighting has truly revolutionised bike lighting. Their compact size and efficiency make them a very practical option for bike lighting. To match demand Mirrorstone have begun manufacturing a great range of LED Bike lights, foremost of which is the Cree T6 LED Bike Light offering amazing light output for its tiny size. Really our customers can’t get enough of these great lights and it is quickly becoming one of the best sellers on our website. The light is supplied as a kit and includes a handle bar mount and helmet strap. It also has a flash mode.

As a novelty we also offer a range of tyre wheel valve cap lights. These affix to the valves on the bike wheel and illuminate while you are cycling to create an amazing halo effect. We are currently offering two colours - blue and pink - with more to come.

LED Door Signs

Arriving soon, LED Door signs - an illuminated house number for your home. These signs have been built using our flexible LED Strip Lights and offer a welcoming alternative to a traditional wall light outside your front door.

When it comes to LED Accessories, think Mirrorstone. Mirrorstone have many years of experience in the lighting industry and have carefully crafted a range of quality LED lighting products for sale at Wholesale LED Lights. These are undoubtedly some of the best LED products available on the market today and represent an amazing balance of economy and quality.

For more information about our range of LED accessories please contact our customer service team.

What has Wholesale LED Lights prepared for you?

Apart from a variety of LED spotlights, light bulbs and strip lights products, by ordering from us you can take advantage of our unbeatable wholesale prices, special offer discounts codes and even volume discounts.

We also try to dispatch within 24h from ordering in most cases, while we put in place a 14-day cancellation period.

Not sure where to start from? Take a look at this practical how to buy LED guide or just call us at 0116 321 4120.