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240V AC
Cutting Hole
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Orders Over £40 Ship Free

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Specification Table

Mirror Chrome
Input Voltage:
240V AC
Cutting Hole (mm):
Diameter (mm):
Recess Depth:
IP Rating:
1 Year

EcoSpot GU10 Fitting Fixed - Chrome Description

The simplest things in life are often the best – and the same can certainly be said about our GU10 Fixed Chrome Fitting.

The Mirrorstone fixed fitting provides a no nonsense and undemanding finish to your spotlight. The chrome colour scheme gives it a contemporary edge, and will look great in any room of the house.

The GU10 base ensures compatibility with all our GU10 spotlights – giving you a whole host of choices.

It only requires a 70mm cutting hole in the ceiling, and remains discreet due to its 85mm diameter.

We have a far wider range of high quality GU10 downlights for sale if you’re looking for something different. It consists of a huge selection of GU10 fire rated downlights, IP65 fire rated, standard GU10 fittings, IP65 fittings and Short Can downlights.

You can save money when you shop with us through a couple of ways.

The first is our discount and promotional codes page, which could save you up to 20% off selected items. We have a number of different promotions that run at various points of the year, so it is worth checking back on these.

Introducing EcoSpot

See the upgraded EcoSpot line for a downlight fitting that has had a revamp. With greater quality materials than ever before, these deliver a longer lifespan for the bulb that you choose. That’s down to their heat sink being improved, increasing the amount of heat that is dissipated, and lengthening your bulb’s expectancy.

The Spotlight For Your Fitting

Of course when buying a fitting, you’ll need a supplementary spotlight to fit into it.

We would highly recommend one of our best selling products for this – our 3.3W GU10 LED 80 SMD.

At just 3.3W of energy consumption, it is really efficient – an equivalent incandescent would use 50W to provide the same brightness. That’s over 15 times more!

Speaking of brightness, it will take those 3.3W and convert it into a massive 400 lumens of light with its 80 surface mounted diodes (SMDs). This represents serious performance for such a low wattage.

Furthermore, the lifespan is just as astounding – 50,000 hours!

You’ll also get a choice of 3 colour temperatures – warm white (3000K), day light (4000K) and cool white (6000K).

For something a little different, you might also want to check out our 6W Dimmable GU10 LED 27 SMD.

This spotlight still has the frugal nature of LEDs with a power consumption of just 6W, but still provides plenty of horsepower with 450 lumens at max brightness.

The key differentiating feature of this LED spotlight however is the fact that it is dimmable. You should also know that if you do want to use the dimmable function on this item, you will need a trailing edge dimmer switch. Existing leading edge dimmers can’t be guaranteed to work, and could even damage the LEDs in a worst case scenario.

Move Forward With LED Lights

For the most part, we’ve been using incandescent and fluorescent bulbs for many years now. With such habits so deeply ingrained in us, LEDs will have to offer a lot to make us change.

One of the main reasons to switch to LEDs is the sheer amount of money you can save with them.

As mentioned above, LEDs have outstanding battery life with most bulbs having an expected lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. This saves you from having to constantly buy replacement lights, as this is twice the lifespan of fluorescent bulbs, and 20 times the life of incandescents.

The reason for their long life also saves you money.

LEDs undergo less wear and tear from heat as they are considerably more efficient with their energy than other lighting methods.

LEDs lose just 10% of their energy to heat. Compared to this, incandescent bulbs lose up to 80% of their energy to heat. This makes LEDs 10 times more efficient, and saves you money off your electricity bills.

Returns, Warranty And Contact Details

We understand that sometimes you might not be happy with something you’ve bought. You might have simply changed your mind, and there’s nothing wrong with this. To protect your rights as a consumer in this situation, we have a 28 day returns and exchanges policy in place.

This particular GU10 fitting also comes with a 12 month manufacturer replacement warranty, covering you in the long term too.

For any other enquiries you might have about this fixed GU10 fitting, installations, wholesale orders or anything else then please get in touch. Send us an email at, or speak to a member of our customer service team by calling 0116 321 4120.