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SKU: MS-1200x300MFrame

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Mounting Frame For 1200 x 300mm Panel Light Description

This Mounting Frame For 1200 X 300mm Panel Light is a rectangular aluminium frame which will proudly hold your panel light. Please be aware that as this frame is from Mirrorstone, it is specifically designed for their LEDs. This means we cannot guarantee compatibility with others.

Measuring a large 1200mm x 300mm, this border is 5mm thick and has a clean white finish. Mounting frames are helpful if you do not have a recessed ceiling.

We’ve got you covered with a 5 year warranty in case you run into any problems.

The Full Package

To complete your entire order, purchase your mounting frame along with a panel light and a conversion kit.

Get the striking NXTGen 1200 x 300 36w LED Panel Light to fit into your frame. Boasting 3150 lumens, this panel light has an input voltage of 100-240v. Made from plastic and metal, this panel light has a beam angle of 150° and can be dimmed. If you choose to dim, you will need a compatible dimmer switch.

You can choose which colour temperature you want from either Cool White or Warm White. As these panels are typically used in commercial spaces, like offices, we would recommend a Cool White to keep staff alert and awaken the senses when the day passes the half-way mark.

You can also the Emergency Conversion Kit for LED Panel Lights to always have peace of mind. This 330mm kit acts as a 240v battery and will charge when connected to power. Therefore, if you experience a power cut, this mounting kit will activate and power the lights instead.

The Business Benefits Of LEDs

Business is money and money is business. LEDs are incredibly low cost as they live a long life and are energy efficient.

LEDs, on average, live about 20 years when being used for 8 hours a day. This means they will require less frequent changes and save you money on replacements. In addition, it can be chaos to change office lighting so give yourself two decades to wait before that time comes.

Compared to other lighting solutions, LEDs are efficient as they do not waste energy as wastage and operate on low voltage systems. Therefore, they leave you with much more energy for other appliances. Also, this will drastically decrease your electric bill.

To discover more benefits of LEDs, take a look at our blogs.

Our Returns Policy

If you are unhappy with your order, you can send it back to us during your 28 day trial period wherein you can exchange it for something better suited or get a full refund.

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