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Acrylic & Aluminium
2 Years

Lotus 16W Square Blue Edge Lit LED Panel Light Description

Coming with an unblemished white finish, updating and transforming your home has never been easier with the Lotus 16W Square Blue Edge Lit LED Panel Light, designed and built to all CE & RoHS standards by Mirrorstone Lighting Ltd.

Alongside this flawless white finish, there is also a translucent surround that can emit a blue edge light to help round off the look completely.

This makes it perfect for bringing a unique effect to any room in your home including the bathroom thanks to its splash proof IP44 rating. It is also great for use in an office and/or showroom.

In total you can get up to 1560 Lumens, the equivalent of a 120W spotlight, from the 16W panel with both the white and the blue illuminated. Don't worry if you'd rather just the white or just the blue on though, you can still get this, simply turn the panel light on and off until you find your desired mode.

This square LED panel light is also the pinnacle of function and not just form.

Solely using SMD LEDs for the light output of both the edge lighting and main lighting, the energy efficiency of the square panel is second to none. Each panel has an estimated life span of up to 50,000 hours as well! This means with an 8 per day usage, you can get over 15 years worth of use from it!

Each LED panel provides an impeccably crisp and clear light thanks to its 80+ Colour Rendering Index Score. Not only this, but it fills a wide area as well thanks to its 120° beam angle.

Finding The Right Light For The Job

Replacing your lights is a simple task if you wish to maintain what you have. But what if you're looking at overhauling the design of the room, or if you're starting from scratch?

To help you if you are looking for a change, we have two different colour options available for you to choose from.

If you're looking for the best replacement of traditional lights then the best choice would be Warm White (3000K). Obviously, this is the Warmer of the two colours and replicates halogens better than Cool White.

This traditional colouring means that is great in areas where you will be relaxing more like bedrooms, hallways and living areas.

Also, Warm white offers a better feel when used in a room that features a more traditional design.

Mentioning Cool White, it is more comparable to White as a colour. It can sometimes be referred to as Ice White, thanks to it similarities in colour to snow, ultimately giving its 'Cool' name. Alternatively to Warm White, the Cool White is used in bathrooms and kitchens as well as most commercial areas.

Again, the opposite to Warm White, Cool white is used in rooms where the style features a more modern twist.

If you haven't made a decision on the size or shape you would like then we do have others available in different sizes. This Blue Edge lit panel is 190 x 190mm.

Problems? Solved!

Whenever you make a purchase from us, you'll find it ever so simple. Above that, it is also very secure, with additional security and optional payment protection available.

Alongside the payment protection, other benefits are piled on top. Every order comes with a 28 day home trial meaning you can test your new order before making the final decision on whether or not to keep it.

Also, each Lotus 16W Square Blue Edge Lit LED Panel Light comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. This warranty protects you from any failures that are encountered through normal use of the light.

On top of the products own protection, each purchase also comes with the option of getting FREE purchase protection of up £1,000! Being a Google Certified Shop, this protection is offered directly from search engine giant Google.

If you'd like any further information on the Lotus 16W Square Blue Edge Lit LED Panel Light or other LED panels that we sell such as the surface mount or recessed selections then feel free to get in touch by calling 0116 321 4120 or send an e-mail to