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Specification Table

White Gloss
Equivalent Wattage:
Input Voltage:
Height (mm):
Diameter (mm):
Cutting Hole (mm):
Life Hours:
Beam Angle:
Warm White (3000K) & Cool White (6000K) with Blue Edge
Colour Rendering Index (CRI):
IP Rating:
Acrylic & Aluminium
2 Years

Lotus 6W Round Blue Edge Lit LED Panel Light Description

Perfectly finished in a glossy White, bringing any room to life has never been easier thanks to the Lotus 6W Round Blue Edge Lit LED Panel Light.

This White finish is also complemented by the translucent frosted edging that illuminates in blue completing the look of your panel light spectacularly.

With a quality build from head to toe, the quality of this Mirrorstone round panel light is guaranteed for up to 2 years and falls safely in any CE & RoHS certifications.

Each of these LED panels also comes with an IP44 waterproof rating, meaning that it can be installed into any room, including the bathroom, thanks to its splash resistant rating.

The styling also makes it great for any commercial properties thanks it clean and finished look.

When combined together, the blue edge lighting and central white lighting produce a sparkling 570 lumens, rivalling up to a 60W spotlight.

You're not just stuck to the one mode however, if you just want the blue edge light on for an effect and not much general illumination, you can do. Also, if you want just the white light on, you can do that also.

Simply turn the panel off and then back on and you'll cycle through the modes. Once you find the ne you want, just leave it.

This round panel light uses SMD LEDs in both the main and edge lighting, making it very, very efficient. Like mentioned earlier, it can easily replace a 60W spotlight, but for it to last 50,000 hours as well means at 8 hours a day usage you are look at over 15 years worth of use!

This reliability doesn't mean that quality is tarnished however. With a Colour Rendering Index rating of >80 anything lucky enough to be caught under this light will be represented exactly as intended. Not only that, but with a 120° beam angle, the light fills a room with light incredibly easily.

Finish Any Room Off In The Way You Would Like

If you have lights that are of a similar size to these LED panels then you may be able to simply swap them over with the Lotus 6W Round Blue Edge Lit LED Panel Lights. If you don't have some that size already, it's not an issue, you can just cut a hole out at the correct size and you'll be fine.

The mood you want to get can also be easy to find thanks to the colour temperatures available.

If you aren't sure on the colour to choose then there is a general guide you can follow to help you with the selection. Generally speaking, thanks to its traditional feel, Warm White is the most frequent colour used to replace traditional halogens.

Its colour also makes it great for room where you will be relaxing like the bedroom and living areas. Not only is it suited to some rooms, but it also suits a more traditional style of room, again, thanks to its warmer colour.

On the flip side to Warm White, Cool White represents White a lot more closely. Its closeness to the white means it can also be referred to as 'Ice White' occasionally. Like Warm White, Cool White is suited to specific rooms and in this case it is in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Again, similar to Warm White, Cool White can also find its place in specifically styled rooms, but in this case it'll be in more modern styled rooms.

If you are undecided on either the size or shape then have a browse of our other Lotus Blue Edge Lit LED Panels and you'll be able to find the one that is perfect for you.

Protection Against Any Problems

When you buy from Wholesale LED Lights, your purchase will be secure and simple due to an easy one step checkout, helpful product specifications and descriptions as well as the highest payment security.

These points are also corroborated by our classification as a Certified Shop by Google. This accolade is only presented to online stores that go above and beyond for their customers, in both the service provided and the information available to the customers.

The perks of purchasing stretches beyond this with each order having a 28 day trial, allowing you to test your order and make the final decision on it. If you'd like to keep it, just keep it and if you would like to return it, let us know and we can refund you once the items are returned.

Also, from the date of your purchase the items are covered by a 2 year manufacturing warranty meaning that you are covered against any failures of the product when used in normal use.

If you'd like to get more information on the Lotus 6W Round Blue Edge Lit LED Panel Light or maybe other LED panel lights like the selection of recessed or surface mounted LED panels then please feel free to get in touch with us by phone or e-mail on 0116 321 4120 or