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Mirror Chrome
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1 Year

Fire Rated Downlight MR16 Tilt Polished Chrome - Diecast Description

Please note that when purchasing this MR16 Downlight, you will need an additional driver of adequate load for your bulb that can step mains 240V down to 12V.

A great quality downlight in a beautiful polished chrome finish which will add that sparkle to your ceiling! This product has an aluminium bezel and a steel body which is suitable for a ceiling for enhanced protection.

It also features a 90mm cut out hole which is relatively quite big compared to previous downlights which gives the user enough space to install it.

Rated IP20, it would be ideal for use in a kitchen as it would provide up to 90 minutes of fire protection.

This MR16 fire rated LED downlight has a low voltage of 12v and needs a transformer in order to reduce the voltage.

The tilting option is perfect for your kitchen as it allows you to focus the light at your desired angle.

Ensuring You Are Protected Against The Unexpected

In life many unfortunate things happen, for this purpose it is best to ensure you are choosing the right product which would help in the event of the unexpected.

Manufactured to the highest quality, this MR16 downlight features fire protection which is recommended by The Electrical Safety Council. It doesn’t matter what type of ceiling is in place, for enhanced protection it is always vital to use fire rated lights as they will provide up to 90 minutes of fire protection.

The lights materialize with a fire retardant which is around the lip of the product; when in contact with heat it melts which forms a seal around the light to stop any flames spreading towards the edge of the down light.

Easy Installation?

Yes, when installing this fire rated downlight, the user must remember that it requires a driver to be connected directly to the mains due to its low voltage.

The light comes with springs that the user will have to pull back and secure it directly to the ceiling; this will ensure that the light has fixed remotely to the surface.

After following this process, install your MR16 lamp directly to the holder.

Please ensure that all mains are switched off directly.

Are LED’s Reliable?

Definitely! LED’s are reliable and provide the same amount of light as incandescent; the difference is that the user can save up to 90% of energy consumption. For example, if you have a halogen bulb that is 35 watts the LED equivalent would be 3 watts.

There are many principal benefit’s why you should switch to LED’s:

- They don’t get hot;

- It retains true colours;

- Surprisingly they’re very silent;

- And they don’t flicker.

Besides the above; the lamps have various lumens of light, beam angle's and some are dimmable.

So what are you waiting for? Switch to LED’s now!

Please feel free to browse our extensive range of light bulbs and spotlights in different fittings which will assist you in making the best choice for your LED’s.

As This Is A Sole Unit, What Else Do You Need?

When it comes to MR16’s they require an LED driver to ensure that they run smoothly due to their low voltage.

Compatible transformers are available on our website which comes in different watts but as this is an MR16 light we highly recommend a 6W LED Driver.

We also stock several MR16 spotlights which all come with various beam angles, watts and assorted features!

Looking For Something Similar?

It can be quite difficult to choose fire rated downlights specially when there are so many choices available! We have tried to make this an easier choice for you by putting together information of where you wish to install the lights which will help you make a better choice.

If you intend to use downlights in your kitchen it would be advisable to choose MR16 IP20 rated lights. This is because it provides fire protection for up to 90 minutes. Many benefits of these include tilting options which are good when the user requires the light to focus on a particular activity/area.

For different fittings, our wide range of GU10 IP20 fire rated downlights would be beneficial as they provide the same level of preservation.

Furthermore, you may wish to choose bathroom downlights; MR16 IP65 rated showerlights are perfect for this as they give the user enhanced stability and are splash proof.

You may also contemplate to choose a different fitting. We do stock a wider range of GU10 IP65 rated showerlights that are highly rated to provide fire security and are waterproof.

Astonishing Reviews And Excellent Prices!

We have over 3,000 reviews on; this is because we are always aiming to provide the best commitment to customer service, competitive prices and promotional discounts!

On selected products, all our customers can benefit from reduced rates by inputting our LED discount codes at the checkout stage to save money off their purchases.

Our promotions run on a monthly basis and vary between 5 to 20% off which is substantially worthy.

Your Options For Warranty

We offer a 14 day home trial with our products. In the event that you feel that the item is unsuitable you may wish to return for a refund or replacement.

As this is a special order item, if it is returned within the 14 day period it will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

This downlight benefits from 12 months warranty.

We hope that the information given on the page has answered all of your questions, however if we have missed anything please contact our customer support team on 01163214120.