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85-265V AC
Cutting Hole
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Specification Table

Satin Chrome
Input Voltage:
85-265V AC
Cutting Hole (mm):
Diameter (mm):
Recess Depth:
IP Rating:
1 Year

Fire Rated Short Can Diecast GU10 Showerlight - Satin Chrome Description

Squeezed your downlights into tighter spots than before with the Fire Rated Short Can Diecast GU10 Showerlight. Finished in Satin Chrome, it will complete the whole room by adding a stunning effect to your ceiling or above your shower.

Despite being a short can fitting, any GU10 spotlight of a standard height of 53mm will fit directly into it. This means that the majority of the range of GU10 LED spotlights we have available are capable of fitting into the unit but only the 9W COB cannot. This range that can fit into each showerlight, means you will be able to maximise your savings on your lighting bills.

LEDs offer a lot more than just huge savings with their modest loads being one of the main reasons that they are greatly beneficial to the environment compared to traditional light solutions such as Incandescent and Halogen bulbs. They are also designed to be fully recyclable after they exhaust their lifespan, another quality that helps demonstrate the greatness of LEDs over other traditional lighting solutions.

This recyclability is also one of the ways that LEDs benefit you directly. They have also been designed to contain no hazardous or noxious materials, such as mercury, like older style, CFL light bulbs do. Not only this but LEDs also do not flicker, being one of the great health benefits of LEDs.

Bringing The Best Light To Your Room

Like mentioned previously, any GU10 that is of a standard height (53mm), then it would be able to fit into the unit easily but any longer will struggle to fit in.

Alongside this, each fitting has a maximum load of 50W on non flammable surfaces and 35W on flammable surfaces to ensure your safety. This means that installing LEDs is an easier choice than before by giving you peace of mind that you have no chance of overloading the showerlight fitting, which then means that you have the flexibility to install whatever brightness you want.

This maximum load means you are spoilt for choice on what you can install within each fitting. If selecting one from the huge range available seems quite a daunting task, we can aid you by offering you the chance to purchase a GU10 LED spotlight with each order, specifically our best selling GU10 80SMD!

This GU10 LED comes with 80 individual 3528 SMDs surface mounted onto the face that allows it to achieve a 400 lumen output, matching the output of a 50W halogen spotlight. These SMDs each emit a wide beam angle meaning that you also get a spread of light at 120°. On top of both of these amazing features, each spotlight also comes with a lifespan of 50,000 hours! That's over 15 years worth of use!

You also get the option of making a selection of colour, Warm White or Cool White. These colour temperatures go a long way in getting the right effect for your room.

Warm White is the colour used in LEDs to replicate traditional halogen lights the closest, with their creamy yellow output, it is the colour closest to halogen spotlights. This means that it is used more in rooms where you will be relaxing more, such the bedroom or any living areas.

The other available option, Cool White, offers a whiter colour, closer to the colour of Ice meaning it is sometimes called Ice white as well. Cool White is mainly used in rooms and areas where you will be doing something such as an office or bathroom. It can also be used in the kitchen but if you have a living kitchen you can also use Warm White as your colour.

Make Savings On Your New Lighting

Each of our GU10 LED downlights can come with free delivery at 2-3 working days, if your order exceeds £40.

Covering Everything You Have Purchased

Each of our range of Short Can downlights come with their own free of charge replacement warranty of 1 year, ensuring you're covered against any premature failures.

This warranty isn't the same on each of the compatible Mirrorstone LED spotlights, with each of them coming with their own 2 year replacement warranty, whilst being longer, this isn't the only difference of the two warranties with the option to extend it out to 5 years at no further cost!

Each of these warranties are then ran apace with a 28 day home trial, allowing you to test your products and make a full decision on what you have. If there is anything you have a problem with, simply let us know and we can either exchange it over to something else or issue a refund.

For any more information on the Fire Rated Short Can Diecast GU10 Showerlight - Satin Chrome, other GU10 downlights or an application for a trade account then please do not hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 0116 321 4120 or send an e-mail to