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Specification Table

Equivalent Wattage:
Input Voltage:
Height (mm):
Diameter (mm):
Life Hours:
Beam Angle:
Warm White (3000K) & Cool White (6000K)
5 Years

SlimLED G4 1.8W LED Capsule Description

If you’re looking for a G4 halogen replacement, then you’re in for a bit of a treat. This G4 1.8W LED Capsule Bulb far outstrips the performance of a halogen equivalent. Because it uses a standard G4 fitting, it can easily be retrofitted into your existing system – so it’s simple to switch over to the LED lighting revolution.

An LED has so many benefits compared to the antiquated incandescent technology. Just take a look at the lifespan of this LED – 50,000 hours! This is over seventeen years when used for eight hours a day! If you compare that to an incandescent, which has a lifespan of just 1,200 hours, or a few months, then it’s clear which is the superior.

It also means that for you to have incandescents for the lifespan of one LED, you’d need over forty of them. It really does show how much an LED can save you, through just its lifespan alone. When we add the energy-efficiency into the mix too…

Introducing SlimLED

The SlimLED range of light bulbs has had some great improvements.  Moving on from their old ways, these bulbs are slimmer, so they can fit into smaller fittings. They have been made much more energy-efficient, with a greater ratio of light produced to energy used than ever before. They also have longer lifespans, thanks to more effective heat sink technology.

Even More Money Saved

This LED uses just 1.8W of energy to deliver a 160 lumens output – the same as a 25W halogen equivalent. This is a whopping saving in energy of over 90% - meaning that the savings on your lighting bills will be over 90% too! This means that we help you save on your lighting bills every single month for the next seventeen years!

You could actually have 14 of these bulbs running, and they’d only use about the same amount of power as one 25W halogen equivalent!

What The Bulbs are Like

These bulbs are tiny, measuring just 37mm in height, and with a diameter of 12mm. That makes them perfect for squeezing into those small lamp fittings. It also has a beam angle of 360˚ - ideal for general lighting purposes. Be careful when fitting this bulb, however, as it requires a 12V connection, not a 240v mains input. See this guide to light bulb voltages for more information.

Have a look at our promotional codes too, for the opportunity to make some real savings on your total.

Which White do You Need?

An amazing feature of LEDs is that you can get multiple colour temperatures. Whereas an incandescent is only available in a warm white, you can get LEDs in warm and cool whites. A warm 3000k white gives off an intimate glow that better reflects a fire’s glow; whereas a cool 6000 white gives a more clinical white that can help you to focus.

A warm white is probably best deployed in a living room or bedroom, whereas a cooler white works better in a kitchen or bathroom. However, it’s up to you to experiment and see what works best for your interior design.

Some Alternatives

We have a couple of other options for you in our G4 range. See the G4 LED 25 SMD Cylinder for an LED that delivers 150 lumens – the same as a 15W halogen – but uses only 1.5W! Or, the 2.1W G4 LED 15 SMD Disc emits 210 lumens off just 2.1W of energy usage – the equivalent of a 20W halogen!

Why not visit the rest of our massive selection of LED bulbs and fit the whole house with energy-saving bulbs.

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