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IP Rating
240v AC
Maximum Load
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Specification Table

Maximum Load:
Input Voltage:
240v AC
Output Voltage:
24v DC
IP Rating:
Width (mm):
Height (mm):
7 Years

HLG 240w 0-10v Dimmable Driver - 24v Description

Give your lighting that extra ‘oomph’ with the HLG 240w 0-10v Dimmable Driver - 24v. It has a rather high max load of 240W enabling you to mix multiple strip lights together, powering them solely on one power supply.

This particular product ‘steps down’ the 240V AC into a 24V DC, meaning it is only to be used in conjunction with our 24V tape. However, as it is dimmable, it will allow you take full control over your lighting, especially when used with a remote control or trailing edge dimmer switch.

Another amazing perk is its IP67 Rating! Essentially, it means that it is completely dust tight and also waterproof, enabling use in a bathroom or the outdoors. As it only measures 68mm x 244.2mm x 38.8mm, it will be sure to stay hidden so it won’t ruin the stunning effect of the LED Tape.

The All-Important Decision

When it comes to LED Strip Lights, choosing the best LED Power Supply is the most crucial choice. This is solely down to how many watts you will require, and how you will take charge of the lighting. We have some recommendations depending on how you want to use your LED Tape.

Firstly, the HLG 600w 0-10v Dimmable Driver - 24v is a good choice if you want to pair a multitude of strip lights to one driver. This makes it best for a large project, covering a large area of space.

For ultimate invisibility, the Slimline Driver 100w is the one to go for! It is extremely thin, measuring just 30mm in width. It won’t take up much space in the slightest, while still having a respectable max load of 100W.

3 Benefits Of LED Lighting

With many now converting to LEDs, it is not a surprise that they also come with a wide range of benefits, easily outweighing the old-fashioned incandescent bulbs.

For starters, they are incredibly energy-efficient, in fact, they could save you up to 90% on your electricity bills due to their low power consumption. This is due to their high lumen-to-watt ratio – basically meaning you get more light for less power.

As they use far less electricity, it has substantial impacts on the environment. This will affect your personal carbon footprint and less fossil fuels will be burnt to generate the power.

A little-known fact of LEDs is that they also have effects on your own health! For example, as they run on a Direct Current instead of an AC, they don’t flicker. This is what causes a numerous amount of people to get migraines and headaches. Therefore, those who suffer from these issues could benefit from making the switch.

More From WLED

This particular product comes fully certified by CE and RoHS with a fantastic 7-year warranty, this way, you can shop in full confidence.

We also have a 28-day returns and exchange period, allowing you to see how our LEDs work in your home. If, for any reason it isn’t for you, you can take full advantage of our trial period.

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