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Power Supply: 240v AC Controller & Strip Lights: 12v DC
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2m RGB Strip Light Kit 60 LED, 14.4W Description

One of the great advantages about LEDs is that they can emit any colour without the need for any filters.

No other product shows this better than our RGB LED tape. And there’s no easier way to get you started than with our 2m RGB Strip Light Kit from Mirrorstone.

It comes complete with a remote, a 240V power supply and of course 2m of our 14.4W RGB colour changing LED strip light.

It consumes just 14.4W of power per metre, yet the 60 LEDs still shine with a dimmable brightness of 1020 lumens – providing plenty of bang for your bucks.

To put that into perspective, an equivalent incandescent would use 80W – that’s over 5 and a half times the energy!

It can be trimmed down to custom lengths at 5cm intervals though please be aware, if you cut your LED tape to any length less than the 2m supplied with the kit, we will not be able to accept returns under any circumstances.

Please ensure that you take the utmost care if you need to cut your LED tape.

What Else Can It Do?

Thanks to the commercial grade 3m adhesive on the back of the tape, it can be secured down to most surfaces, giving you loads of freedom with how you want to use it.

We advise that you refrain from switching on your LED tape after sticking it down for at least 45 minutes, as the heat generated by the strip lights can have an adverse effect before the adhesive settles.

Please note that we also cannot guarantee that the adhesive will stick to every surface.

Once it is in position, the 120o beam angle ensures a wide spread of light that makes it great for general illumination.

The remote gives you great flexibility too with loads of different functions. Up to 16 different colours can be selected, and used alongside flash, fade, strobe and smooth effects.

Throw in brightness and on/off functionality too, and you could have hours of fun being creative with this 2m RGB strip light kit!

More freedoms are given to you if you choose to have IP65 rating. This will waterproof your strip lights to protect against light jets of water – so you can use it in areas where there may be moisture (such as the bathroom) or even outside too in the garden.

How Can I Enhance My Experience?

As this tape has a width of just 10mm, you can use any of our aluminium housings with it.

We would recommend our 1m Slim Aluminium Profile. It has a relatively modest design, ensuring all the attention remains on your RGB tape.

The aluminium construction has a functional benefit too – it helps dissipate any heat generated by the tape and thus extends the lifespan of it by up to 50%!

Depending on where you plan on using this 2m kit, you may need a different length.

Don’t worry if you find yourself in this position, as we also stock this same RGB LED strip light kit in 1m, 3m, 4m and 5m versions.

Have a look at our other strip light kits where we have single colour, dual colour, RGB and pixel tape kits available for purchase.

We’re sure that you’d also appreciate some ways you can save money too – and luckily for you there are a few ways you can do so.

This 2m strip light kit ships at no additional cost, with further possible savings of up to 20% off selected items available through our discount codes.

Is My Purchase Protected?

In the event that you’re not happy with your 2m RGB LED strip light kit for any reason, or if you simply change your mind, you can return it at any point during our 28 day refunds and exchanges period.

It is worth reminding you that we cannot accept returns on strip light that has been cut down to lengths less than the amount supplied under any circumstances.

Beyond this, Mirrorstone give you a 2 year replacement warranty as standard with this kit.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about this item, installations, wholesale prices or anything else.

You can send us an email at, or you can speak to an expert from our team on 0116 321 4120.