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SKU: MS-KIT-4M-4.8


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Specification Table

Equivalent Brightness:
Width (mm):
Input Voltage:
Power Adapter: 240v Strip Lights
Beam Angle:
with Single Colour Dimmer
Chip Size:
35/28 (3.5 x 2.8mm)
Warm White (3000k) & Cool White (6000k)
Life Hours:

4m Single Colour LED Strip Light Kit (60X3528, 4.8W, 400LM) Description

This is a 4-metre Single Colour LED Strip Light Kit from Mirrorstone. The pack consists of a 4-metre reel of 4.8W single colour LED strip light and a 12V plug-and-play power adaptor.

This ultra-convenient, all-in-one strip light kit will be incredibly useful to provide feature lighting like a kitchen plinth, shelf or island, quickly and efficiently, but it has literally hundreds of possible applications in any room you choose, so get your thinking cap on!

You can choose from 2 different Ingress Protection ratings, so for installation in your living areas, you’ll probably opt for the IP20, whereas the IP65 rated strip will be ideal for areas such as the bathroom or even in your garden, where more waterproofing is required.

A Wide Variety And Convenient Too!

This is a 4-metre LED strip Light Kit, and perfect for fairly large areas, however, don’t forget that we have a massive number of other strip light kits available, should this one not suit your lighting requirements.

There’s every length you could possible need, from 1-metre to 5-metre kits, and they’re available in 7.2W, 9.6W and 14.4W varieties as well, so you’ll be able to choose their brightness according to your lighting requirements.

We also have differently coloured single colour strip light kits, as well as colour changing dual colour, RGB and pixel tape kits.

Should you require a shorter length of light strip, you’ll be able to cut them to size, because they’re marked at 10cm intervals, so you can use a pair of kitchen scissors to tailor their length to your exact requirements.

None of our LED strip lights require soldering, making them incredibly simple to connect the ends. If you’ve gone for the waterproof IP65 variety, you’ll just need to scrape away the silicone protection to adjoin the ends with one of our selection of our convenient LED strip light connectors! There are standard single colour LED strip light connectors, as well as corner and ‘T’-connectors that will enable you to join 3 separate strips.

In order to fully realise the wide 120° beam angle this LED strip light will provide, and also to ensure that they’re securely fixed in place and look great, we recommend that you invest in some of our LED profiles to use with them.

Please be aware that if you do cut or otherwise alter this LED strip light, you won’t be able to return it, as it becomes unsaleable once customised.

These strip light kits prove their versatility still more, as they’re available in a choice of 2 colour temperatures.

Thus, you might go for the cool white (6000K) option for your functional rooms such as the kitchen, given its bright, precise quality, whereas many people choose the warm white (3000K) variety for their living areas, as its light is mellower and will add a touch of conviviality to your room.

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You’ll begin making savings as soon as you purchase this 4m LED strip light kit, as you’ll pay nothing for shipping, your order totalling more than £40.00.

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Switch To LED!

This LED strip light is incredibly energy-efficient, requiring just 4.8W of power to produce 400 Lumens of brightness, whereas an equally brilliant traditional bulb would suck up 80W of electricity!

They’ll outlast all other types of bulb many times over, their 50,000 hour life-expectancy outstripping incandescent bulbs by more than 20 to 1.

Both of these factors equate directly to cash savings for you, and you’ll begin to see your energy expenditure reducing within just 12 months of switching your home or business’s lighting sources to LED.

So the fact they’ll save you energy and money is just one of the many reasons people are switching to LED light.

Another is that LED lights represent a considerable improvement, environmentally speaking, over conventional lights, as they’re manufactured using 100% recyclable materials and don’t contain harmful elements such as Mercury vapour.

They run silently and they don’t flicker, so it’s goodbye to eye strain and headaches, and as they don’t emit cancer causing UV (ultra-violet) rays either, they’re better health-wise as well!

28-Days To Decide

When you purchase one of our LED strip light kits, as long as you don’t customise it in any way, you’ll be able to return it to us within 28 days, if you so wish. Give us a call, return it and we’ll arrange for a replacement product or a full refund.

This 4-metre Single Colour LED Strip Light Kit (60x3528, 4.8W, 400LM) comes complete with a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

We’re Here For YOU!

We have a super team of customer service advisors on hand to take your calls about this 4m strip light kit, or any of our LED lights, so why not give us a call on 0116 321 4120 between 9am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday and from 9am till 2pm on Saturdays?

Or you could send an e-mail enquiry to any time you like!