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Inner Width: 8mm, Outer Width: 22mm, Inner Height: 4mm, Outer Height: 5mm

Silicone Brackets For 3528 LED Strip Lights (Pack of 8) Description

LED strip lights are incredibly versatile, giving you a whole world of lighting options for your home or business.

Whilst you can affix them using the adhesive on the reverse side of the tape, they’re not guaranteed to stay stuck for the entirety of their incredibly long life-span.

This is when these silicone brackets from Mirrorstone really come into their own. They’ll ensure that, once fixed in place with two screws, they’ll stay there, however adverse the conditions.

This will especially be true in the case of outdoor installations, where you’ll require the higher Ingress Protection such as the IP67 or IP68 ratings of our 3528-sized Single Colour LED Strips, or indeed one of our fabulous appropriately-rated Strip Light Kits.

They come in packs of 8, so you’ll have more than enough for your strip light installation, whatever its length.

What you’ll be left with is a secure and protected LED strip installation that’ll look great and last you for many years to come.

Super Fitted LED Strip Lights!

There are a number of strip lights that will perfectly fit these silicone brackets, however, the type that immediately springs to mind is our 4.8W 3528 SMD LED Strip Light.

You’ll have many single colour options and three colour temperatures that will enable you to tailor the ambience of your installation according to the mood you wish to create. There are blue, green, red and pink, as well as warm (3000K), daylight (4000K) and cool white (6000K) options to choose from.

This strip requires just 4.8W of power to produce 400 Lumens of brightness per metre, the equivalent of a 50W traditional bulb or light.

Along with the fact that all of our LED strips have an unbelievably long 50,000 hour life-span, you can expect them to be going strong in ten years time, after many traditional light sources will have fizzled out and died.

This should give you the incentive to look after your strips with these simple silicone brackets, as they’ll save you money on both power and replacements in the course of their lifetime.

Should you require anything else to maximise the potential and longevity of your LED lights, we have a whole range of accessories for you to peruse!

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28-Day Returns And Aftercare

If you buy this pack of 8 Silicone Brackets and you’re not completely satisfied with it, or it simply isn’t right for you, just get in touch within 28 days of your purchase, and we’ll ask you to return it and offer you a replacement product or a full refund.

We’re sure you’ll join the ranks of our 1000s of other happy customers, many of whom have been kind enough to leave us a positive review.

When you purchase this pack of 8 Silicone 3528 Brackets, you’ll be fully protected going forward by the 12 month manufacturer’s guarantee.

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