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240v AC
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Matte Chrome
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Input Voltage:
240v AC
Battery Type:
N/A (240v PSU Supplied)
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2 Years

3-in-1 RGB 3 Channel DMX Wall Plate Controller Description

There’s a bag of potential in our RGB colour changing LED tape, and a lot of our controllers admirably extract some of this.

For really high end performance however, you’ll want to consider our 3-in-1 RGB 3 Channel DMX Wall Plate Controller.

Manufactured by industry leaders Mirrorstone Lighting, it has a premium matte chrome finish – befitting of a high quality item.

It’s fully compatible with any of our RGB colour changing LED Tape, with various functions to control modes, colour, brightness and fade. It even lets you synchronise the light to your music thanks to the built in microphone.

This DMX controller really is the key to getting creative with your strip lights. It even ships for free, giving you some savings instantly.

The Bare Necessities

One of the handy features of this DMW Wall Plate Controller is that there isn’t a limit on the length of strip light you can run from a single controller. This is because it uses a DMX signal.

There are a couple of extra bits you’ll need to get going though. The first is a DMX Decoder. You’ll need one of these for every 25m of 7.2W tape, and for every 12.5m of 14.4W tape.

The wall plate is supplied with its own power supply, however you’ll need a CAT5 or CAT5e cable to connect your controller to your decoder.

Once all that is in place, all you need to finish it off is some of our RGB strips. We would recommend our 14.4W RGB LED Strip Lights. They have tremendous performance with a maximum brightness of 1020 lumens. This comes at just 14.4W/m energy consumption – making them extremely good value for money.

It can be cut every 5cm at the clearly marked points too. Please note that any custom lengths of strip light cannot be returned to us under any circumstances.

Once you have everything you need, you’re left with a professional, high end setup – making it perfect for any kind of commercial applications.

Check out our discount codes page to see if you could get up to 20% off selected items! We update our offers seasonally so it’s worth revisiting from time to time.

Apart from this, we also sell a variety of LED controllers such as: single colour, dual colour, RGB, Pixel tape and DMX like the one in question, so check them out as well.

Better Off With LEDs

One of the advantages of LED lights is clear for all to see when the RGB strip lights are in full swing – the lighting effects and range of colours available simply cannot be replicated by fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.

LEDs have incredibly long lifespans, with the average of most bulbs coming in at around 50,000 hours. This saves you money as you don’t need to buy replacement lights all the time.

They’ll also save you money on your electricity bills as they are far more energy efficient than traditional halogen bulbs.

LEDs lose far less energy to heat than their incandescent counterparts – ten times less to be precise. This leads them to use considerably less electricity, and incidentally makes them safer too, as there is less risk of fire due to the cooler operating temperature.

Safety doesn’t end there though, as they also lack any kind of dangerous substances. Fluorescent lights however contain Mercury vapour – a chemical that is hugely dangerous to your brain, internal organs and immune system in the event of a leak.

This also makes them kind to the environment, as they become easier to recycle.

No Fuss 28 Day Returns

Should you need to return your 3-in-1 DMX Wall Place Controller for any reason, you can do so within our 28 day home trial period, during which you’re eligible for a full refund or exchange.

You’ll also have a 2 year warranty come with this controller too, covering you in the long term.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any further questions regarding this item, installations, wholesale orders or anything else.

Send an email to, or give us a call on 0116 321 4120.