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ProDim 150W Dimmable LED Driver Description

If you’re thinking of installing a low voltage lighting system such as single colour LED strip lights, you’re going to require a driver to power it. So, to give your strip lights the juice they need, use this 150W Dimmable LED Driver from Mirrorstone.

This LED Driver has both CE and RoHS certifications meaning it’s completely safe to use in and around your home or business premises. It measures just 256 x 78 x 47mm so it’s sufficiently diminutive to be hidden well out of the way in a cupboard or a drawer.

Wonderfully flexible and versatile, this driver will function perfectly well with both leading and trailing edge types of dimmer switch, and it boasts a maximum load capacity of 150 watts.

However, if you really want to achieve optimum results from your dimmable LED lights and bulbs, we recommend that you replace all your old-fashioned leading edge dimmers with our up-to-date trailing edge models.

Our range is vast and includes up-to-the-minute touch dimmers from the Varilight range as well as more conventional rotary type switches.

Introducing ProDim

The ProDim range of LED drivers has had an upgrade to lift them above the rest.  Featuring slimmer sizes than ever before, these drivers pack plenty in, still. The ProDims now include greater heat sinks, allowing maximum heat dissipation to prolong the lifespan of your driver. The dimmer now allows a greater range of brightness to be attained.

Power Supplies For All Your LED Strip Light Requirements!

Should you find that your LED strip light installation grows or you simply require a more powerful dimmable LED power supply for the job, don’t worry because we’ve got exactly what you need right here in our store.

These include tiny models such as the 14W Dimmable LED Driver with a maximum load of just 14 watts, and an ascending range which finishes up with our most powerful the 300W Dimmable LED Driver.

We also have a massive selection of regular, non-dimmable LED drivers as well as  plug LED power adaptorswaterproof LED drivers1 - 10v dimmable LED drivers and DALI dimmable LED drivers too!

When you purchase this 150W Dimmable LED Driver, you’ll be able to choose between the 12v and the 24v models. Which you opt for will depend upon the length and power requirement of the LED strips you’re using.

It’s very important that you allow around 10% of wattage ‘leeway’ so as not to overload your driver. Please bear in mind that we’re unable to guarantee its long-term performance should you exceed these limits.

For example, you’ll be able to use this 150W driver to power:

- 28 metres of 4.8W LED Strip = 134.4 watts;

- 18.75 metres of the 7.2W Strip Light = 135 watts;

- 14 metres of 9.6W LED Tape = 134.4 watts;

- 9 metres of the 14.4/24v LED Tape = 129.6 watts.

All of our single colour LED strip lights are available in warm (3000K) and cool white (6000K) colour temperatures as standard, and many of them are available in red, green, blue, purple, orange, yellow and white as well!

To finish off your strip light installation to perfection and to maximise their beam angle, we recommend that you use our aluminium LED profiles. They won’t just make your installation look good, profiles will ensure that your strip lights last as long as possible by acting as a heat-sink that dissipates any damaging heat they generate when lit.

Let’s Make Some Savings!

Quite aside from the fact that LED lights consume a great deal less power than any other form of illumination and save you money, you’ll also start saving from the moment you purchase this 150W Dimmable LED Driver as shipping will be completely free-of-charge.

Apply the latest special price-reduction code to the contents of your shopping cart to see if your purchase has been selected for a 10 to 20% discount.

Existing tradespeople can also save a great deal of money by creating an online trade account and becoming one of our trade customers – low, low wholesale prices await!

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

When you purchase this 150W Dimmable LED Driver you’ll have a full 28 days to return it for a replacement or a refund if you’re not completely satisfied.

It’s sold complete with our comprehensive 12-month Mirrorstone replacement warranty that covers you in the unlikely event of any premature component failure occurring.

Should you require any further information about this product, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0116 321 4120 or send an email enquiry to:

You can also get in touch with us via our Facebook or Twitter social media pages if you’d prefer.