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80w Dimmable LED Driver Description

Unmask another dimension within your single colour LED strips with the Mirrorstone 80w Dimmable LED Driver. Compatible with both Leading edge and Trailing edge dimming and featuring a maximum load of 80w, you will be able to run any form of 12v lighting from it.

To get the best out of your set up for dimming and the smoothest transitions then we recommend that you use one of the switches from Rotary or Touch dimmer ranges from Varilight.

Letting Your LED Strip Lights Set The Mood

Coming with the option of either a 12v or 24v output, you will be able to run any of the 12v or 24v single colour LED strip lights from the driver. As there is such a wide range of products available and each coming in a different power rating from the last, there is not a set amount of strip light you can run from the 80w dimmable driver. We have calculated the amount of each strip that can be ran from the driver, and the list below should make it easier to see:

Like all LED products, these strips come with the colour options of either Warm White or Cool White (excluding the Side Emitting Strip which comes in blue & red as well apart from the two given).

Even though the main say on how the room will look is decided by the colour of the LED strip and the brightness of it, you can add another effect, maximising their potential with Aluminium Profiles.

There is a range of profiles available, but if you'd like a unique effect, we'd recommend going for the 45° Corner profile to angle the light as well as covering the strips with a clear or frosted cover.

Switching To LED Is Easier And More Beneficial Than Ever

Daily there are more and more people jumping over to LEDs and its hard to argue against them. LEDs are commonly known for their ability to save you money thanks to their moderate loads, but they do also feature a lot of other, more widespread benefits.

Their life expectancies are massive compared to traditional lighting solutions such as incandescent light bulbs. With the range of Mirrorstone LED products coming with estimated lives ranging from 30,000 hours all the way up to 70,000 hours! That's anywhere between 15 years and 35 years worth of use, which means LEDs last up to twice as long as your fluorescent tubes and bulbs.

What really surprises people about LEDs is how they stand up against incandescent solutions. With two bulbs of the same brightness, LEDs typically use up to 90% less energy and can last up to 40 times longer!

The figures that seem like science fiction is all down to the exceptional efficiency of LEDs. Incandescent bulbs use 80% of their energy on heat meaning that only 20% of the total power is being used on the light output. These figures are reversed and exaggerated slightly with LEDs as they only waste 10% of their energy on heat meaning that a substantial 90% of the energy is dedicated to light output.

LEDs don't just save you money and last for seemingly a lifetime, they also have a range of health benefits that are not in other, traditional styles of lighting. One of these benefits is the ability they possess where they do not flicker as they are ran on a constant current. Unlike CFL bulbs, they also contain no harmful substances like mercury, meaning they are all-round a lot safer.

This same absence of noxious materials mean that they are fully recyclable and disposing of them is extremely simple. This is one of the reasons that LEDs are a great for the environment as well as their well documented miniscule load.

Dimming The Lights With Cover Of 3 Years

Buying online can always be a small gamble and when you receive your 80w drivers you may even decide you no longer want them. This means that we offer everyone who places an order with us a 28 day home trial so you can test your products and then decide if they are still right for you. If not , let us know and we can exchange them to something different or issue a refund if there are no products you wish to exchange to.

As with all dimmable LED drivers, the warranty for the 80w Dimmable LED Driver is three years. This means that any failures within the first 3 years of your purchase is covered by free of charge replacements.

For any more information on the 80w Dimmable LED Driver as well other power supplies & drivers we have available then do not hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 0116 321 4120 or send an e-mail to