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Dimmable LED Drivers

Dimmable LED Drivers

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Perfect for virtually any type of low voltage LED lighting, these Dimmable LED Drivers from Mirrorstone will be a vital component of your lighting setup.

The main difference between the other types of driver we have on offer is that these are also capable of working together with both leading and trailing edge dimmers, the former being the type most commonly found in British homes right now.

The major benefit of this dual capability is that it eliminates the need to purchase and install a brand new trailing edge dimming system in your home.

However, our low voltage LEDs do function more optimally with the up-to-the-minute trailing edge dimmers such as our Varilight classic rotary dimmers  and VPRO LED switches and touch dimmers, so maybe now is the time to consider updating yours.

All of these Dimmable LED Drivers are both CE and RoHS certified and you’ll have the choice to purchase them in either 12 volt or 24 volt options, making them as safe as they are versatile.

All Loads Catered For

We have an enormous variety of differently-sized Dimmable LED Drivers on offer, and which you choose will depend upon the combined wattage of the dimmable lights you intend to run from them.

For example, if you’d comfortably like to install 6 metres of our 7.2W RGB Colour LED Strip in your bedroom, you’ll require one of our 48W Dimmable LED Drivers, whereas a nine metre installation of 14.4W Single Colour LED Tale in your living area will require a 100W Dimmable LED Driver.

As you’ll see from these scenarios, it will be necessary to choose a driver that has at least 10% more capacity than your lighting requires because it’s very important not to overload them.

So check out our entire selection of Dimmable LED Drivers, as they’re available from the smallest 14W model, right up to the largest at a massive 300 Watts.

Along with these dimmable models, we also have a plethora of plugged power adaptors, standard drivers, waterproof LED drivers, 1 to 10v drivers and DALI drivers, so any and every type of low voltage lighting solution is more than adequately catered for.

Let’s Save Some Money!

If you haven’t already switched from your current lighting source to LED yet, you really should consider it. LEDs consume just a tiny fraction of the energy required to power their more traditional halogen and CFL counterparts, while generating the same number of lumens.

They also last a whole lot longer, with the vast majority enjoying a lifespan of around 50,000 hours or 17 years if they’re switch on for eight hours every day.

These advantages aren’t just great for the environment, they’ll save you a considerable amount of money, too!

You’ll save still more if your order exceeds £40.00 because it will be shipped to you completely free-of-charge.

Apply the latest of our promotional codes to the contents of your shopping cart and many selected products will be reduced by 10 – 20% and every pound you spend will earn reward points that you’ll be able to save until they achieve a discount of up to 10% on a future purchase.

Protection For You When You Buy From Us

You’ll be happy to learn that all of our Dimmable LED Drivers comes complete with an unbeatable 3-year manufacturer’s replacement warranty that should give you enhanced peace-of-mind for the foreseeable future.

Every item you purchase from us should provide you with 100% satisfaction, but if for some reason your purchase fails to meet your expectations, you’ll have 14-days to cancel.

Should you wish to order one of these Dimmable LED Drivers or you’d simply like an LED light-related chat with a member of our customer service team, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0116 321 4120 or via email at:

You’re also very welcome to post a comment or a query on our Facebook or Twitter social media sites.