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Plug Power Adapters

Plug Power Adapters

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There are 4 items in this category

4 Items

  1. OptimX 12W 12v AC/DC Power Adapter
    £12.53 £10.44
  2. OptimX 24W 12V AC/DC Power Adapter
    £15.83 £13.19
  3. 24V 1A 24W ACDC Power Adapter
    £13.60 £11.33
  4. 24V 2A 48W ACDC Power Adapter
    £19.07 £15.89
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There are 4 items in this category

4 Items


When it comes to powering your LED lights – it doesn’t get much easier than our range of Plug and Play Power Adapters from Mirrorstone Lighting.

They simply plug in via a standard 3-pin UK mains socket, and plug directly into your LED lights through the 2.5mm – and that’s it!

The adapters come in varying maximum loads – the lowest capacity is our 12W 12V AC/DC Power Adapter, which can handle loads of up to 12W. The highest capacity we have is a 100W 12V AC/DC Power Adapter.

Between this are 24W, 30W and 60W adapters. The 60W in particular is a popular choice, as it can comfortably power long lengths of strip light, as well as LED light bars if need be.

We also have a Quick Connector For AC/DC Power Adapter, which lets you connect 2 or more lengths of single colour tape, as well as a set of pigtails too – a 2.5mm Male Pigtail and a 5mm Female Pigtail.

What Can I Power With These Adapters?

This range of plug and play power adapters can be used with any 12V Single Colour LED Tape, 12V RGB LED Tape, and our LED Light Bars.

It is important to note that they will only work with 12V lights.

You will also need to bear in mind the number of lights you’re planning on running, particularly with the LED Strip Lights.

For example, let’s say you want to run 3m of our 12V 7.2W RGB LED Tape. The total wattage will be the power consumption per metre, multiplied by the length – which in this case is 7.2W x 3m. This gives us a total wattage of 21.6W.

When picking an adapter, we always recommend allowing a 10% leeway between the maximum load and the actual load. So we wouldn’t recommend running more than 54W of tape off a 60W adapter. This is to ensure your adapter and lights don’t overload.

The best option for our 3m of 7.2W tape then is our 24W adapter – which also gives us our 10% leeway too.

The same applies to our LED Light Bars too – three of our 7W 0.5m LED Light Bar 375 Lumens would use 21W, and require the same adapter.

Protecting Your Purchases

If you’ve changed your mind about any of your purchases, you can get a full refund or exchange under our 14-day cancellation period.

All power adapters come with a 2 year replacement warranty, whilst the Quick Connector and Pigtails come with 12 month warranties.

Just give us a call on 0116 321 4120 or send us an email to if you’d like to speak to us about anything – don’t forget that we’re also available on social media too via our Facebook and Twitter pages!