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Plastic, PVC Sheathing & Copper
240v AC
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Specification Table

150mm x 10mm x 12mm
Plastic, PVC Sheathing & Copper
Width (mm):
240v Mains
Input Voltage:
240v AC

T5 Power Connector Description

This is a power connector, manufactured by Mirrorstone™ to be compatible with our T5 LED tube lights.

It’s fashioned from tough white plastic and comes complete with two metal screw-in brackets.

The T5 LED tube light is designed to be an alternative to T5 fluorescent tubes, and is packaged along with these power connectors. This item will replace a mislaid or damaged connector, or can be used to join together more than one LED tube light.

We have a super selection of T5 LED tube lights with which this connector is compatible, so you should find one that’s perfectly suited to your requirements.

There’s the 600mm, 2ft 450 Lumens, the 900mm, 3ft 710 Lumens, the 1200mm, 4ft 990 Lumens and the 1500mm, 5ft 1200 Lumens, so you’re really spoilt for choice!

Why Choose LED Tube Lights?

T5 LED tube lights are becoming increasingly popular as replacements for traditional fluorescent tubes, because of their versatility and also due to the fact that they outlive and outperform them on so many levels.

They come in a choice of two colour temperatures, so you’ll be able to define the lighting ambience of your room according to its function.

Fluorescent tube lights are available only in the utilitarian cool white (6000K) option, so they’re not really suitable for the more convivial living areas that suit the warm white (3000K) temperature so well.

They have an extremely long life-expectancy. At a massive 70,000 hours, they’ll work at optimum performance for more than twice as long as fluorescents, meaning that you won’t have to replace them for well over a decade!

They’re better for your health! Unlike fluorescent bulbs, which flicker continually and cause headaches and eye-ache, LED T5s produce a constant light and work silently, so no more annoying buzzing !

LED tube lights don’t contain poisonous mercury either, and nor do they emit potentially harmful UV rays, like fluorescent tubes, AND they’re fully recyclable, so they don’t damage the environment.

Savings Galore!

Because LED tubes are so much more energy-efficient than traditionally used fluorescent tube lights, they’ll cost you much less to run. The LED T5s, for example, produce the same number of Lumens, yet cost a tiny fraction in terms of the electricity they require!

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28-Day Returns And Money Back Guarantee

If you buy one of our LED lighting products and you’re not 100% satisfied with it, simply return it within 28 days of the date of your purchase, and we’ll replace it or give you a refund.

When you buy this T5 Power Connector you’ll be fully protected by the 12-month manufacturer’s guarantee.

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