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3500 Lumens
Life Hours
Beam Angle
IP Rating
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Orders Over £40 Ship Free

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28 Day

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3 Years

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Specification Table

Width (mm):
Diameter (mm):
Beam Angle:
3500 Lumens
Colour Rendering Index (CRI):
40 Watts
240v Mains
Life Hours:
IP Rating:
3 Years

Q-Line 40W LED Linear Fitting 1200mm Description

If you’re looking for a sleek, discreet and energy efficient way of illuminating any commercial area, then look no further than our 40W LED Linear Fitting 1200mm.

Brought to you by Mirrorstone Lighting, this all in one unit is encased in aluminium, and measures 1190 x 80 x 36mm.

It emits 3500 lumens, and distributes it across a 150o beam angle. This makes it perfect for any open area like an office or a classroom.

It’s a high quality light too – the embedded LEDs have a colour rendering index (CRI) of over 80, so the objects in your room appear vivid and bright, as though they are under natural sunlight.

This LED fitting comes in a choice of either day light (4000K) or cool white (6000K) colour temperatures, with each providing a slightly different effect. Cool white is bright and clinical, whereas day light is slightly softer.

It uses just 40W too, so even with an average daily use of 8 hours, it’ll cost you just £15.18 to run in electricity per year!

You’ll save in the long term too, as it also comes with a 50,000 hour lifespan – this equates to nearly 20 years of use!

You even have the freedom to use this in areas where they might be a lot of water, such as a restaurant kitchen for example, thanks to the IP40 rating. This protects it against splashes of water.

You should know that delivery of this item will take 3-5 days longer than normal, as it is a special order item.

Introducing Q-Line

The Q-Line range of LED linear fittings advances the group massively, adding brighter lights for the same amount of energy expenditure. A new attractive design brings a sleek form that still manages to retain the sturdiness. It dissipates the heat perfectly, thanks to its eco-friendly build that contains a heat sink.

Spend Less Money With LED Lighting

As mentioned above, our featured 40W Linear LED Fitting costs you little over £15 a year in bills to run, which isn’t a lot at all.

This is the case with all LED lights – their running costs are far less than that of conventional halogens or CFLs. The main reason for this is their incredible efficiency.

LEDs convert up to 90% of their energy into light, whilst halogens only convert around 20%. This means that LEDs have far lower energy demands, reducing your electricity bills in the process.

The remaining energy is lost to heat – as LEDs are more efficient, they remain cooler which puts less stress on the internal components of the bulb itself. This means that the bulbs themselves last longer, so you spend less on replacement lights.

We’ll help with the savings too, starting with free shipping on this item. You could also save up to 20% off this LED Linear Fitting as well as other items by heading over to our discount codes page.

Looking to purchase more than one unit? Buy more than 10 units and you’ll receive a special volume discount too.

Explore Our Range

In our selection of T8 LED tube lights, you’ll find a range of other linear LED fittings. These come in various sizes and wattages, depending on the size of the area where you need to use it.

For smaller areas, you may be better off with our 20W LED Linear LED Fitting 600mm. It’s built the same way as our featured 40W, so you’ll get the same high-quality aluminium casing.

The smaller length does mean a lower light output – 1700 lumens – so it also uses less power too, at just 20W. It retains the incredible 50,000 hour lifespan, and IP40 protection though.

At the other end of the scale, we have the 75W Linear LED Fitting 1800mm. This is the largest linear LED fitting we have, and measures in at 1800mm in length. This means that it emits 6500 lumens, making it perfect for very large commercial areas.

Protecting Your Order

If you find that you’ve changed your mind for any reason after purchasing our 40W Linear LED Fitting, you can make use of our 28 day home trial period, during which you’re welcome to send the item back to us for a full refund or exchange.

Please be aware though that as this is a special order item, any returns will have a 15% restocking fee applied to them.

Any further problems you may run into are covered by Mirrorstone’s 3 year replacement warranty, so you have added assurances going forward.

Contact Information

You can get in touch with our customer services team by calling 0116 321 4120, or by emailing if you have anything further you’d like to ask about this item, installations, trade orders or anything else.

We’re also on social media, so you’re more than welcome to post on our Facebook page or tweet to us @WLEDLightsUK, using the hashtag #WLEDAware.