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Width (mm):
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Beam Angle:
6500 Lumens
240v Mains
Life Hours:
IP Rating:
3 Years

Q-Line 75W Linear LED Fitting 1800mm Description

Our Linear LED Fitting 1800mm 75W from Mirrorstone Lighting is a sleek, slim and discreet solution to your commercial lighting needs.

It emits a total of 6500 lumens, and spreads it across a 150o beam angle. This makes it perfect for any large open area, like an office, classroom or supermarket. Its 1780mm size reflects this too.

Its aluminium construction helps give it a real premium finish, ensuring the quality of the fitting matches the quality of the light it emits too.

Depending on where you need to use it, you can pick whether you want it to emit 4000K day light, or 6000K cool white.

Cool white is very bright and quite clinical, making it great for areas where you need to concentrate.

The lifespan also ensures that it lasts much longer than other types of lighting, as it’ll last up to 50,000 hours.

As an added bonus, we’ll ship this item out to you for free, so you pay absolutely nothing for delivery charges. You can also save up to 20% off this Linear LED Fitting by visiting our discount codes and special deals page, so head on over and see how much you can save!

Please bear in mind that this is a special order item, which means that we have to order the item in from our supplier when you purchase it. For this reason, delivery will take 3-5 days longer than normal.

Introducing Q-Line

The Q-Line range of LED linear fittings advances the group massively, adding brighter lights for the same amount of energy expenditure. A new attractive design brings a sleek form that still manages to retain the sturdiness. It dissipates the heat perfectly, thanks to its eco-friendly build that contains a heat sink.

What Else Do You Have?

We’ve got a wider range in our T8 LED Tube Lights section, where you can find linear LEDs in various sizes.

If you’re looking for something for a smaller area, then you might be better off with our 20W Linear LED Fitting 600mm. It’s built the same way as our featured 75W, but is much shorter at 600mm.

It also uses less energy – just 20W – and emits 1700 lumens, making it perfect for small offices.

In the middle, we have the same fitting but in a 1200mm 40W variant, and a 1500mm 60W variant. The former uses 40W and emits 3500 lumens, whilst the latter uses 60W and emits 5100 lumens.

If you’re looking for a different kind of fitting for your commercial area, then why not have a browse of our LED commercial lighting section – where we stock LED panel lights, LED high bay lights and LED 2D lamps amongst others.

Help Your Business Cut Overheads With LED Lights

A key aspect of any business is minimising overheads – especially something like your energy bills, which can easily spiral out of control.

One way you can minimise these is by switching to LED lights, as they use considerably less energy than both halogens and CFLs – 90% and 40% respectively.

This is because of how energy efficient they are, as LEDs convert 90% of their energy into light. Halogens on the other hand only convert 20%. This helps cut your energy bills drastically, but it doesn’t stop there either.

The remainder of the energy that isn’t converted into light is lost to heat. As LEDs lose less energy to heat, they remain cooler when they’ve been on, placing less stress on the internal components.

This allows them to last much longer – twice as long as CFLs and an amazing 20 times longer than halogens! Ultimately, this means you spend far less on replacement lights, saving you even more on maintenance costs.

Protection On Your Order

When you buy our Linear LED Fitting 1800mm 75W, you’ll be covered by our 28 day home trial period. During this time, you’re welcome to request a full refund or exchange, and send the item back to us if you’ve changed your mind about anything.

Please remember though that this is a special order item, and that any returns will have a 15% restocking fee applied to them.

For any unlikely faults that occur in the longer term, Mirrorstone protect your item with their 3 year replacement warranty, giving you extra peace of mind going forward.

Speak To Us!

You can give us a call on 0116 321 4120, or you can send us an email to if you have any further queries relating to this item, installations, trade purchases or anything else.

Don’t forget that we’re on social media too, so give us a post on our Facebook page, and tweet us too @WLEDLightsUK and use the hashtag #WLEDAware.