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Orders Over £40 Ship Free

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Depth (mm):
Width (mm):
Beam Angle:
1700-1750 Lumens
20 Watts
240v Mains
Life Hours:
IP Rating:
3 Years

Q-Line 20W Linear LED Fitting 600mm Description

If you’re looking for an incredibly simple yet energy-efficient lighting solution, you should look no further than this 20W Linear LED Fitting 600mm from Mirrorstone.

This linear fitting has been made with both quality and robustness being of equal importance. It boasts a white, premium aluminium shell which means it will co-ordinate with any type of modern décor. At 580mm long, 80mm wide and with a depth of just 36mm, this fitting will go virtually unnoticed when it is attached to your wall or ceiling.

It will emit between 1700 and 1750 lumens of light, and has an extremely wide 150°  beam angle  which makes it the perfect choice to illuminate any modestly sized space like an office or a kitchen.

When placing your order please let us know your colour temperature preference. It’s available both in a cool white (6000K) and a daylight (4000K) option. This will depend to a major extent upon your personal preference; however, it does allow you to tailor your illumination according to the function of the room, thereby creating the exact ambience you require.

As a choice of colour temperatures is exclusive to LED lighting, you may not be used to having to decide on one, so if you’re unsure about the finer details please watch this short, explanatory video presentation to clear up any confusion:

Introducing Q-Line

The Q-Line range of LED linear fittings advances the group massively, adding brighter lights for the same amount of energy expenditure. A new attractive design brings a sleek form that still manages to retain the sturdiness. It dissipates the heat perfectly, thanks to its eco-friendly build that contains a heat sink.

Some Great Ways To Reduce Your Costs

Incredibly energy efficient, this LED light fitting will produce the same amount of light as a halogen or a fluorescent model, yet consumes only a fraction of the power to do so. Thus, you’ll save a considerable sum of money when you switch from halogen or fluorescent light to LED.

You’ll also be interested to learn that this 20W Linear LED Fitting has an extremely long expected lifespan when compared to the halogen and fluorescent bulbs we’ve used for so long. With a 50,000 hour working life, this fitting will still be working perfectly well in around 17 years’ time, and that’s if you use it for 8 hours every evening!

You’ll be able to make savings on this product from the very moment you commit to purchasing it. By simply by applying the latest of our promotional codes to the contents of your shopping cart you’ll be given a discount of between 10 and 20%.

So Many Great Choices For You!

If the space you’re trying to illuminate is larger than the 1700/1750 lumens of this fitting can comfortably accommodate, we have a wide variety of differently sized LED batten lights for you to choose from.

That’s right, we have more powerful linear LED fittings in the shape of the:

40W which will produce 3500 lumens;

60W producing 5300 lumens;

75W producing 6500 lumens.

But, if you’re on the lookout for a completely different form of commercial LED light fitting, take a look at our extremely wide variety of 2D lights, LED panel lights, T5 LED tubes, T8 LED tube lghts, High Bay lights and LED light bars because you’re sure to find exactly what you need right here!

Our Guarantees And Returns Policy

When you purchase one of our LED lighting products, you’ll have a full 28 days to return it if, for some reason, it doesn’t quite fulfil all of your requirements. Just give us a call, arrange to send it back and we’ll be glad to provide you with a replacement or a refund when we receive it.

Please remember that this 20W Linear LED Fitting is a special order item and, as such, we’ll have to charge you a 15% restocking fee if you do decide to return it. Obviously, we don’t relish having to make this charge, so if you’re unsure about any aspect of your purchase, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our customer service team on 0116 321 4120, as they’ll be very happy to advise you.

As this is a special order item, please allow an extra 3-5 days for delivery, because we’ll have to order it especially for you.

Should you have any further questions, you can ask them via e-mail at:

You can also post a comment or a query on our Facebook and Twitter social media sites. They’re checked and updated every day, so you’ll receive a very swift reply!

This 600mm Linear LED Fitting comes complete with a 3-year Mirrorstone replacement warranty, so you’ll have extra peace-of-mind going forward.